by haleymax 21 Aug 2018

Cuties, I once again come to you asking for prayers. As many of you know my parents and siblings have died with cancer. Now my only sister (in-law) has been diagnosed with cancer again after 23 years. God has this in his hands. I ask for pray for her as she(we) lost the last of my siblings last year (her husband). This cancer seems to be aggressive and is in her lungs and pelvis( where it started from). Today she is having complete body pain and tingling of fingers and feet, all part of the chemo. This is her first treatment for this and she has 5 more to go.

Thank you in advance for your prayers and support.


by kustomkuddle 27 Sep 2018

Your sister-in-law as well as you and your family are in my prayers. It just seems like lately cancer is affecting more and more people. Blessings.

by maleah 27 Sep 2018

Praying for you

by sewdeb 27 Sep 2018

Your sister and all your love ones are in my thoughts and prayers. I lost both of my parents to cancer and I know how hard it is for everyone involved. Take time to care for yourself, too. Hugs* and prayers. Deb

by haleymax 27 Sep 2018

Thank you for all the prayers. My SIL(sister-in-love) didn't get her treatment due to loss of weight and general condition. Prayerful we look forward to Mon. Oct 1, 2018 for her next treatment. Due to her physical condition, her dau. is here from the east coast as she needs someone with her at all times.

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pennifold by pennifold 27 Sep 2018

So sad for all concerned. I pray that her time with her daughter will be comforting for her. Love Chris

by cfidl 22 Aug 2018 my prayers.

by pennifold 22 Aug 2018

Prayers for all concerned. Such a dreadful disease. Love Chris

by sdrise 22 Aug 2018

So sorry to hear this.. Prayers are coming your way for her and you!

by basketkase 22 Aug 2018

Oh dear, so sorry for all your losses...will keep your SIL in so sorry to hear this.......

by rescuer Moderator 22 Aug 2018

Prayers...lots of them for you both

by gerryvb 22 Aug 2018

sending prayers for sister and family. And hugs for you

by flitter 21 Aug 2018

Prayers coming her way for a good result!

by jrob Moderator 21 Aug 2018

It would be my honor. I'm praying now as I type this.

by shirley124 21 Aug 2018

Prayers coming your way. Hugs

by crafter2243 Moderator 21 Aug 2018

I am so sorry. Cancer is such a horrible thing. My prayers are being added.

by dragonflyer 21 Aug 2018

Thought and prayers are with you and your family...

by graceandham 21 Aug 2018

I will certainly pray for her during this treatment and for you for strenth to be her rock.