by stock 11 Jul 2018

free software to display emb. designs, I got an email for it, havn't tried yet...wendy


by stock 12 Jul 2018

the password was where the download is, its numbers, then I got an email with another password...wendy

by gramsbear 11 Jul 2018

I had my Daughter in WY Download it but she could not figure out how to get the (password/ thing) working, it is to work just like My Essentials thumbnailer, which I have and it is a program that works in the background. You just bring up your design folder and click on how you wish to View designs. Thumbnailer is AMAZING!!! I love it. But my daughter could not get this one to work. If someone figures it out, please tell me so I can tell her??? We both would appreciate it. As she has no program to view designs. Thanx for bringing this software forward. Hope someone can figure it out!!! Hugs, Judy...

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markus by markus 11 Jul 2018

Thank you i will try it

by babsie 11 Jul 2018

Thanks will try it.

by marianb 11 Jul 2018

If anyone has this would like to know a bit more about how to use it. thanks wendy..

by stock 11 Jul 2018 sorry forgot this