by cindymae68 09 May 2018

this is a question about cute alphabets . com

is it the same site as this one cute embroidery? does it come with your cute membership?
or is it a separate membership?


by rescuer Moderator 09 May 2018

Please take a few minutes and read the posts in the Q&A done by moderators. It will answer a lot of questions and help you get the most out of this website.
I have added a link here to the post that should help clarify things.
Cute Alphabets does not have a subscription membership -- only great sales like the one for Mother's Day.

by gerryvb 09 May 2018

as I am correct, the sites are both of Miss Veronika, but have different memberships. Cute alphabet: has alphabeth designs and Cute embroidery has many different designs. Both sites have a daily free letter, but different fonts.
Cute embroidery is more like a family site. We have several tabs here as you can see on the left. here we can make friends, can ask and answer questions, Can post projects and even have a personal tab. And besides all these extras we can even send somebody a private message , that is possible in the "inbox".
hope this the answer you wanted, hugs Gerry