by rescuer Moderator ( edited 22 Oct 2016 ) 10 Apr 2015

Questions about paid membership -- you can get ALL the designs offered currently on Cute as well as any future designs offered here at Cute Embroidery website for 6 months.

The sister sites are not included and have their own sales or memberships.

I have highlighted important areas in the pictures.


by rescuer Moderator 19 Dec 2017

Take advantage of the sale price and add another 6 months to the end of your subscription membership.

mihok by mihok 19 Dec 2017

I just bought my first membership. So I could buy another six months now to take advantage of sale price and not have to wait until the end of mine? Or is there sales that happens during the year also?

rescuer by rescuer 24 Dec 2017

Sorry, I just saw this reply -- yes it adds to the end of your current subscription membership. There are occasional sales during the year but this one is a very good deal.

by GuylaineLefebvre 25 Apr 2015

So, what to do of I cannot download à design?

rescuer by rescuer 25 Apr 2015

Make sure you are trying to download designs from Cute Embroidery. The sister sites are not included in the membership here.

Elsie01734 by Elsie01734 20 Dec 2017

How will I know which ones?

rescuer by rescuer 24 Dec 2017

Any designs here on Cute are included in the Cute subscription membership. The sister sites (links at the end of the page) have their own separate sales or Amazing Embroidery Designs, has a separate subscription membership too.