by dragonflyer 08 Apr 2018

Three new Stick designs at PNW...


by markus 08 Apr 2018

Thank you

by sdrise 08 Apr 2018

Thank You!!

by graceandham 08 Apr 2018

Does anybody else find the redesigned way to get freebies on this site ridiculous? Way too many clicks for these simple little stitches. I used to like their site. It must have taken me 200 keystrokes to claim three little freebies, including logging into aol mail.

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dragonflyer by dragonflyer 08 Apr 2018

Unfortunately, the new site requires you to register and log in and put in the cart to check out...she tried to have the free designs as they were to download, but the new service does not support this feature...she is just as sorry as we are...

by genin 08 Apr 2018

Thank you

by kustomkuddle 08 Apr 2018

thank you