by UpsetCustomer 20d ago

I have a question. I am interested in learning embroidery, however I have not ever done it before and I do want to ask a question of you experts here.

I purchased two appliance covers on Etsy. All of this sellers appliance covers showed the same picture and the same font on the embroidery. She put her name Kay, as the embroidery on the product picture. The K has a beautiful flourish and was much larger than the rest of the word. Nothing was in her product description to let anyone know that the font you receive may be different than the ones in all of her product pictures. As someone who has never embroidered before, I assumed that my two appliance covers would have the same font.

So, I receive my appliance covers, not only are they both way larger than the appliances they were "custom" made for, the embroidery was thin, very small for the cover size and was nothing like the product pictures showed. When I complained about this, she said that the wording depends on what font it can be done in. That makes no sense to me, but again, I've never embroidered anything before.

So, she was so rude, that I had to open a case with Etsy who has sided with me. This seller then adds a note to the Case and says the following: "I have added a note in all my listings that the font or size of embroidery will depend on what you want to put on the item. It's too bad that the customer doesn't bother to ask questions."

So, she blames me, her customer, for not knowing to ask if my embroidery font would be different from the embroidery font she has on all of her product pictures.

Sorry for the long story, but wanted to explain why I am asking this question.

Is it true that depending on the wording that you may have to use a different font? I could understand that if the item being monogrammed was small and the wording very long. I'm attaching a picture to show you the huge difference in what was advertised versus what I received.

The picture with the black appliance cover with red embroidery of the word Kay, is what she shows in all of her product descriptions. What I received for my KitchenAid stand mixer was completely different. I expected the K and A in KitchenAid to be the large pretty embroidery font like in her name Kay. As you all can see, there was plenty of room on this cover to do that. Thanks for listening and for any advice and word of knowledge about embroidery and their fonts. :)


by Sewmum1 20d ago

Sorry this happened to you. You did the right thing opening a case with etsy. I too would have been disappointed in this situation. The seller should have messaged you to give you a preview of what to expect your wording to look like and an idea of the size in relation to the cover. This would have been a better idea than embroidering in a default font that the customer has not seen. Perhaps the case will help the seller learn to check with the customer first before taking the time to embroider.

The seller may also only have that fancy font in a particular size and may not have the ability or knowledge/software to be able to resize it. Looking at what they have embroidered there may also be an issue with the size of the hoop they have, restricting the size they can embroider. Larger fonts require a larger hoop and the project may or may not need to be rehooped more than once if embroidering something larger.
Its a shame you didnt get what you were expecting but hopefully with the advice here it helps with any future embroidery purchases you make

by mops Moderator 20d ago

The fonts are clearly very different. If for some reason she could not make the shown font so much smaller for your wording, she could at least have emailed you a computer generated picture of what she intended to use and ask your permission.
To give you an idea, depending on the software the info could look like the picture, containing the design in actual size. I used one of the fonts I had at hand so as not to spend too much time on it, not as pretty as the font she showed, but you get the idea.
N.B. Different software have different options for showing, but they all have some way to inform a customer!.

by crafter2243 Moderator 20d ago

Hallo upsetcostumer. From what I can see, if you would have had the K and A in the same size as on the her product it would have not fit in order to say "Kitchen Aid Mixer". However something in between would have been better. There a re many factors that enter here like did you request the wording, did she stated somewhere the size of the font. Fonts can come in all kinds of sizes.
Now If you want to have more input on this subject, please post it in the Community where the members regularly read and help each other. Here Q&A is designated to help people to navigate the website. For organisational reasons I will remove this post from here after a while