by evichen1 03 Sep 2017

MugRug Kürbis Pumpkin für den 13 x 18 cm Rahmen



by grossfamilie 04 Sep 2017

Danke! Sehr schön! In diesem Sinne einen schönen Herbst - Maria

by Bounty 03 Sep 2017

Vielen Dank für den Link, hab mir die Datei auch gleich geholt und ein paar andere Freebies auch noch.

by pennifold 03 Sep 2017

These have turned out well, love Chris

by sonjapotgieter 03 Sep 2017


by pennyhal2 03 Sep 2017

Great for an October table too!

by sharonleekesner 03 Sep 2017

These are beautiful! I would love to have them but can't figure out what to do after I get there. Any help would be appreciated.

evichen1 by evichen1 03 Sep 2017

Anmelden, die Datei in den Warenkorb geben. Es kommt eine Bestätigungsmail, dann kann man die Datei downloaden

sllakin by sllakin 03 Sep 2017

She says - Sign in to add the file to your basket. There is a confirmation mail, then you can download the file" You need to join the site then you can add it to your cart and check out -

sharonleekesner by sharonleekesner 03 Sep 2017

Thank you so much for translating her reply, I did sign up but I'm not sure I completed it. No email yet but I will wait. Thank you again for answering.

Bounty by Bounty 03 Sep 2017

I did not need an email, I "bought" the design, checked out and then klicked my account and "Bestellungen" = orders, there I found the download.

by maggiecal 03 Sep 2017

These are fun.

by kustomkuddle 03 Sep 2017

Beautifully done

by noah 03 Sep 2017

Love them great job hugs