by chenille 27 Jun 2017

I have a question for Cuties who do quilted items and blocks in the hoop. I have only done a few mug mats and placemats so am not an expert...Do you use a quilting needle in your machine? I have always used an embroidery needle, or just a 70 schmetz, or Organ needle. I was in a quilting store the other day as the owner had ordered some embroidery needles for me ( Schmetz chrome, which are wonderful, by the way) and when I mentioned quilting in the hoop she asked if I used a quilting needle. Well I a dummy or what? I really would appreciate your thoughts on this.

Now that most of the yard work is done I might actually get a chance to stitch something!
Thanks & Hugs, Nadyne


by gerryb 28 Jun 2017

I use a sharp needle or a top stitch needle for all my embroidery. That hint was given at a Floriani event I attended. It does seem to work better. As to the size, again depends on the material. But usually I use the size 12.

by pennyhal2 28 Jun 2017

The size of the needle should coodinate with the type of fabric you are using. The type of needle should coodinate with the type of thread you are using. Needles come in all different sizes and types so getting the right combo can be tricky at times. ME needles have a larger eye so that the embroidery thread doesn't shred. There are several articles in this link to help you understand.

by pennifold 28 Jun 2017

Hi Nadyne, I've been doing lots of machine embroidered appliqué/quilted designs over the past 2-3 weeks for my Christmas ladies lunch - I've been using 80/12 size embroidery needles which have a longer eye. It's been a blessing as I've used gold and silver thread which shreds if not in an embroidery needle. I've never used quilting needles and only saw them at Spotlight the other day, I nevet knew they existed . Good luck with your sewing. ❤️ Chris

by Sewmum1 28 Jun 2017

I usually use 80/12 but if I am using a heavier weight thread then I use a needle to suit as it prevents the thread from shredding and snapping. I have also found if I am having problems with shredding and have eliminated all other causes I swap to a size larger needle which more often than not works as it makes room for the thread and needle to move through the fabric in denser designs. I also use ballpoint for stretch fabrics and leather needles for leather fabric etc whether it is in my embroidery or sewing machine as they are better for the fabric.

by sewist1 27 Jun 2017

As the others have said I use the 75/11 or 80/12 needles.I have never tried quilting needles.

by graceandham 27 Jun 2017

Never thought of changing out my needle!

by Smokey12 27 Jun 2017

I use size 12 embroidery needles for ith blocks.

by pcteddyb 27 Jun 2017

I use nothing but 80/12 universal needles - for quilt blocks, shirts, and other projects.

by dragonflyer 27 Jun 2017

Well, it could depend upon the thread you are using...that said, when I do my ITH quilt blocks, my go to needle is either a 75/11 Embroidery needle or an 80/12 Embroidery Needle...the eye is larger in an embroidery needle and when using embroidery threads, there is more room for the thread to move through the eye of the needle and does help prevent shredding. I feel the size 70 needle is too small for either embroidering with 40 wt. thread or quilting with 50 weight thread...

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chenille by chenille 27 Jun 2017

Thanks. Actually I meant 75/11 is what I use.....don't know why I said 70.....just a brain blip I guess. I also use 40 wt thread most of the time. Again though, I am not a quilter ...more of a "sewer of clothing and home dec".