by kustomkuddle 25 Apr 2017

Need some ideas! I help a local church make quilts every month. This year has been very productive and we have over 70 quilts to donate. We need ideas on where to send them. We found out that some of the places in our area have been selling the quilts donated. We would like them to go to people who truly need them free of charge. They are a large throw size that can cover a single bed. Thanks for you help. Debbie


by graceandham 27 Apr 2017

My friend's group donates to mentally challenged in group homes and they are so appreciate - you made this for me? to keep? They've often not had a gift from outside the family and it makes them so happy/

by katydid 27 Apr 2017

Convalescence homes and battered women's shelters. Many food bank places could also give you families in desperate need. Your local utility company can also give you a list of people in need. Kay

by theduchess 27 Apr 2017

If you are in the U.S. call any V.A. hospital. They are always in need. Stella

by rachap 27 Apr 2017

Our local hospital has an infusion center and many of us make quilts for them to give to the patients while they are having their treatment (usually chemo). They are encouraged to take them home. Perhaps their is an infusion cneter near you that would welcome them.

by lbrow 25 Apr 2017

Since my hubby is under Hospice now I have found out a lot. They usually have someone you could ask(usually a a volunteer coordinator) if they could use some. A lot of their clients are very, very poor. They cannot tell you the names of any of them but they would gladly distribute to those who need them. Not just to the one receiving hospice but also to family members in need.

by jofrog2000 25 Apr 2017

Has your group looked into finding people in the congregation or someone they know in poor health or just having a bad time to give a quilt to? I ask because when i spent some time with my sister this past summer, I got to know and work with a wonderful groups of ladies from her church who do that. The quilts are hand tied-leaving the threads long-so that when it is brought into church to be seen and blessed, anyone who wants to can go up and retie a knot and say a prayer. Then, those who receive know when they touch one of those knots, a prayer was said for them.
I came home and started making quilt tops to send down. I get the fun of creating tops and not having to do the quilting work. While winnowing down my material.
The man who was to receive the first one I made, died before they got it to him. But they gave it to his wife, who wrapped herself in it at the funeral. Now that made me feel humbled that I could bring comfort to someone I never met.

by sewmom 25 Apr 2017

Just wondering if the money for the sold quilts went to the needy.

by jrob Moderator 25 Apr 2017

Wow what a wonderful act of giving. I wish we had a group here like that. You've been given some fabulous ideas.
Our church takes in homeless families and that would be another source of need for a quilt(s) if a church in your area or even a shelter does the same.

by Smokey12 25 Apr 2017

I understand the feeling when you find out they were being sold. We found out that employees were giving donated ones to their family for holiday presents. We also quit giving to them.
I would like to suggest fire departments and Ronald McDonald houses.

by asterixsew Moderator 25 Apr 2017

I read this earlier and was unable to comment at the time. Not too sure where you are but I'm in the UK so would add Womens Refuges. I would also be contacting where quilts had been donated that got sold. Do let us know what you decide. Welcome to Cute

by 02kar Moderator 25 Apr 2017

You have truly blessed so many with your kindness and generosity. I'm grateful for your efforts. I hope you are able to find places who will use these as a gift for those in need. You certainly have a good list of potential places now.

by dragonflyer 25 Apr 2017

How lovely you all are to be so generous and what a shame that your efforts are being undermined...Rescuer has many of the same organizations I would suggest...and if they are local in your area, having the organization cone to you for them may not be such a bad idea...although many may be needed immediately to help children the most...I commend all of your efforts in helping to make so many others' comfortable and wanted...perhaps those organizations who are selling them should be made aware that it is the reason you will not be supplying these quilts to them...and if it just specific people within these organizations, then they should know that your trust in them has been violated so they can address these problems internally...

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kustomkuddle by kustomkuddle 25 Apr 2017

Good idea. I hadn't thought about that.

by rescuer Moderator 25 Apr 2017

A children's hospital
Family support centers with nursery while parents take a time-out
Local police or sheriff -- you could also ask the local fire department
Retirement home (if the patient gets to keep things)
School counselors often know the needs of children
Foster Care teenagers need something they can call their own
Local Cancer groups (all new patients need comfort/love)
Church programs organized for service to communities could help

I think if you call and specify they are not to be sold, you might find the best places to donate.

by lilylady 25 Apr 2017

We also make quilts all winter. We give them to local people who are sick. At Christmas a teacher tells us at least 4 kids that will be getting nothing, we make each a quilt and another gift or two. We give to sheriff's department. They keep them in there car, if they have to pick up kids and relocate them or there has been an accident, they will use them. They really appreciate the quilts. We also make lap quilts for local nursing home. Hope this helps, I know how dishearting it is to see people abuse your hard work. Good Luck and keep quilting. Sandy

by Sewmum1 25 Apr 2017

That must be very disheartening with all the effort in time and money that goes into a quilt. Could you make a label to go on the quilt that says the quilt is for donation only and is not to be sold? Also make a not for the label not to be removed. Similar to the linus blanket project.

I have donated to a womens shelter. Sometimes the women and their children arrive there with nothing except the clothes they have on. I try to donate things that will comfort them and assist them with setting up house again.

by crafter2243 Moderator 25 Apr 2017

We keep the quilts and have non profit organizations ask for them. I do not know how it got started but we now have different places they go too. Shelters of different kinds, Orphanages and senior homes. Some of our mission teams take them and give them to individuals Bless you for sewing for people in need..