by sugarbear 8d ago

I made an order for Adorable Applique on 3/13/17. Design # 2081589 will not download. Every time I click on the PES format I get an error message saying file not found. I put in a ticket but still have not gotten a response or the file fixed yet. I have sent 3 messages with no prevail. Can't even talk to a live support since it is always OFFLINE. Why have I not gotten a response?


by rescuer Moderator 8d ago

Thank you for letting us know here. The support system is not working right now and will only send an automated response. I will include you in a message to the website owner via the PM system here. Please watch for notifications.

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sugarbear by sugarbear 5d ago

Thank you for getting back to me I appreciate you more than you know. I will be watching for notifications.