by toogie 19 Dec 2016

Can any of you tell me what size blocks you cut and what is the total size across, after the origami candle mat (seen in link below) is made? I would like one for my table, but I'd like to know if I need to enlarge the blocks or decrease.

I pm Sue/spendlove but then forgot about the time difference, so decided to ask you.Thanks


by carolpountney 19 Dec 2016

Toogie When I made mine I used a 6 1/4inch block and made twelve blocks using a 1/4 inch seam. I am sure you will cope even with a 6 inch block if you go to Google and put in origami candle mat you will see a You Tube video which is very informative happy sewing

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toogie by toogie 19 Dec 2016

Thanks Carol, Sue has answered my pm,too. I didn't know how big the hole for the candle measured, but I knew if you used a 6 or 61/4 block, it would be at least 12 across, not counting the hole,right?