by meganne ( edited 04 Dec 2016 ) 28 Nov 2016

Urban Threads Poinsettia (Updated)

I just made this gorgeous FSL Poinsettia and I really like it. I would love to give it to my sister but I am lacking ideas on how to finish it off to make it into something she will want to keep, instead of it being something that just 'sits there' (wherever THERE is LOL!)

Colour is much richer in reality.


by meganne 03 Dec 2016

I removed the metal thingy and replaced it with three little crystal beads, then added a barette clip to the underside, glued and stitched and I'm rather pleased with the results.
I'll probably make up the next one by stitching the petals together and adding to the clip first, then just glueing one bead in the centre to hide the hole in the middle.
Thanks so much for looking and commenting, it is lovely getting feedback from Cuties.

by mechille 01 Dec 2016

This is beautiful .... I love this design.... she will love it no matter what you decided to do with it.... it's just wonderful. Great job. Let us know what you end up doing if you change it somehow... :) Mechille

by toogie 01 Dec 2016

This is beautiful! You have accomplished great work here. Can you tell us the finished size of it? I so wish I could make something this beautiful, but I tend to shy away from FSL. Had a bad outcome of a design once and it ruined it for me. My time, I felt, was too valuable to waste............I know your sister will just love this, whatever you decide to make of it. Hope you have a Merry Christmas Meg!-Toogie

meganne by meganne 01 Dec 2016

Thanks Toogie, I love making FSL it's so easy if you use fabric type WSS, not that horrible plastic type, which was to blame for my first (very bad) experience too. :-)
This is supposed to be stitched out in four separate 4x4 hoopings but I ignored that and put sizes 1, 2 & 3 in one 6x10 hoop and the second size 3 in another 6x10 hoop, along with 8 small Christmas ornaments.
Finished size is roughly 5 inches across the petals from end to end. It was on sale at Urban Threads but is still only $3.
The only area I had a problem with was the very last section in the centre of each flower piece.... it stitches a circle around all four petals and it is quite heavy going stitching satin stitch on top of satin stitch, but it will go more smoothly if you slow your machine right down and make sure you start out with a new needle.
I always use TWO layers of Fabric type WSS and rarely have a failure unless I use my Designer Diamond machine. It is so lovely in reality I intend to make one for myself. :-) hugs n love, Meg

toogie by toogie 01 Dec 2016

I will check it out and just MAYBE reconsider FSL...this does look tempting!-lol

by graceandham 30 Nov 2016

Awesome stitchout!

by maggiecal 30 Nov 2016

I like glueing a pin back to it so it can be worn. :-) (folks in cold, damp climates can't do FSL on coats for outside, south of the equator, great all-around pin).

by dragonflyer 30 Nov 2016

Oh Meg, it is gorgeous! I am sure your sister will love it...lots of great ideas in how to use is difficult to know the actual size...if it is not too big, attaching to a barrette or headband might be just the ticket...especially reading that your sister has lovely long hair...

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meganne by meganne 01 Dec 2016

Yes I agree, it is large at 5 inches, more suitable for a barrette than a broach I think. I just don't like the hole in the centre so I think I will have to add a bead there. Hugs n roses, Meg

by lbrow 30 Nov 2016

Meg it is beautiful. You have some great ideas here. I can see it against black or white velvet or satin. Does she ever wear Hairbands it would be luxurious on something like that. Hugs Lillian

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meganne by meganne 30 Nov 2016

Thank Lillian, I rarely buy designs unless they are something special and I liked this immediately I saw it.
Hope you and Ron are keeping well. hugs n love, xxx

by Smokey12 29 Nov 2016

Absolutely beautiful. Whatever you do with this poinsettia will be stunning. Fantastic stitching.

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meganne by meganne 30 Nov 2016

Thanks Smokey it is a lovely design.

by rachap 29 Nov 2016

I don't have any original ideas but it sure is pretty.

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meganne by meganne 30 Nov 2016

Thanks rachap

by pennyhal2 29 Nov 2016

Fabulous! It deserves a place of honor at your dinner table. Maybe put on on top of the plate on place settings as a gift for the guests? Or use a ribbon to tie it to a tall candle? Of course, that would depend on how long it takes to stitch out!

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meganne by meganne 30 Nov 2016

it did take a while to stitch out, would be wasted at our table with only us there to see it. No, a gift for my sis because it will look lovely in her hair and she can't go crook at me for giving her a Christmas present if it is something I have made. :-

by katydid 29 Nov 2016

Great Job! Hours of work here. So many gave you terrific suggestions, also. Kay

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meganne by meganne 30 Nov 2016

Thanks Kay, yes lots of great suggestions.

by sewgreat 29 Nov 2016

That is beautiful!!

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meganne by meganne 30 Nov 2016

Thanks sewgreat.

by grossfamilie 29 Nov 2016

Great ideas enough - so I only wa nt to say. It is such an admirable work you have carried out. Your sister will love it a lot and keep it a treasure - irrespective the fact what application you choose. Thanks for sharing. Maria

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meganne by meganne 30 Nov 2016

Thanks Maria, I know she loves Poinsettias.

by crazypatchmama 29 Nov 2016


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meganne by meganne 30 Nov 2016

Thanks CPM

by meganne 29 Nov 2016

Thank you all so very much for the great ideas.
My sister does have glorious long hair so maybe I'll go with a barrette for her hair since she no longer decorates her house for Christmas and she doesn't wear scarves.
It isn't often I embroider something just because I like it, then have to figure out how to use it. LOL!!!
I promise I'll let you all know what I end up making it into.
Hugs n roses to all, Meg

by basketkase 29 Nov 2016

Oh my, Meg....what a stunning poinsettia........I would wire a plant stick to it and put it in one of my potted plants......she will love this no matter what you decide!

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meganne by meganne 30 Nov 2016

I actually did think of that one Vicki. Great minds???
She does have lots of houseplants and she could look at it all year round. :-)

by sewfrenzie 29 Nov 2016

How about a center piece for her Christmas table, or maybe a Christmas Ornament, a indoor wreath, candle wrap, or on a Christmas Stocking? There are so very many things you could do with something this lovely.
It really does depend on her tastes as to if it will be used or forgotten about next year.

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meganne by meganne 30 Nov 2016

Thanks Diane lot of great ideas there. She's a hoarder like me so I know she will keep it. We don't do presents but if I give her something I have made then she can't go crook on me. LOL!

by sonjapotgieter 29 Nov 2016

Beautiful!!!Make for 3D look on a Overlay tablecloth..Would look Stunning

by pennifold 29 Nov 2016

WOW WOW WOW! Meg this is just gorgeous. Your sister will love it. I reckon a few of them strung up in a window as decorations would be lovely. Or as Angelique has suggested on a wreath. Love it and I'm sure anything you do with it will be loved. Love Chris

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meganne by meganne 30 Nov 2016

It is lovely Chris, I'll show it to you next week.

by lidiad 29 Nov 2016

I have the same suggestion as given by cutiepie (you could attach it to a ring to work as a scarf slider (feed the scarf ends through the ring and pull the slider up to secure the scarf, without tying it).
Hugs, Lidia

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meganne by meganne 30 Nov 2016

I'd like to think more on this idea. Do they make special rings for scarf making hobbyists?
I have a few scarf rings but they are already really decorative so one wouldn't want to hide them.

by baydreamer 29 Nov 2016

Beautiful, I think if she is fun at heart , a fascinator.

by bigeyes618 29 Nov 2016

I think it would be beautiful as a pin for her coat, jacket or sweater. The pins are available for purchase @ any craft store. It's beautiful. I would personally be proud to wear it all winter long. :)

by raels011 29 Nov 2016

I would put it on a cushion

by lique 29 Nov 2016

It is beautiful! I just made a similar one from embroidery library and have put it on a wreath (will take a photo soon and post it as soon as I am home) This has been given to my sister in the Netherlands where I am on the moment visiting.

by sandralane 29 Nov 2016

It is really beautiful Meganne, I am sure she is going to love it, as already suggested, a broach to wear, how about stitching it to a small bag. May be add a leaf or to in the same shape. Sandra.

by carolpountney 29 Nov 2016

Does she wear broaches if so then I would make a broach just by sewing the fixture for it at the back she sure would look great on the day love this design will have to go there even though I have plenty pointsettias

by dollygk 29 Nov 2016

Beautiful work!! It could be the center of a large bow that will hang on the door or window.

by cutiepie 29 Nov 2016

I guess it depends on what things your sister does/wears. In addition to the other suggestions, here are a few more possibilities. If she wears scarves, you could attach it to a ring to work as a scarf slider (feed the scarf ends through the ring and pull the slider up to secure the scarf, without tying it). If she doesn't wear scarves, you could attach a loop of elastic or a band with hook-and-loop fastener and wrap it around a glass candle-holder. If your sister is a hat-wearer, it might be fun to add a clip to the back so it could be attached to a hat band. Or, even a barrette/comb to wear in her hair at Christmas parties. I hope you find a good idea, because I think your sister will love it, just because it comes from you.

by crafter2243 Moderator 29 Nov 2016

It is so gorgeous and I have the same thought as others. It would be super as a pin.

by marianamin2003 28 Nov 2016

It's beautiful. I would attach a small piece of felt to the back and add a pin so she can wear it. It's lovely.

by airyfairy 28 Nov 2016

This is a work of art. Quite beautiful

by dailylaundry 28 Nov 2016

Oh who beautiful - simply beautiful!! Could you attach it to a table runner? I understand what you mean by not wanting to just sit! Bunches of hugs,Laura*

by laffma1 28 Nov 2016

It looks fabulous. Thanks for sharing your photo. I am making lapel pins with this lace design, to wear on winter coats. Although, since it is lace, it is light weight enough to also wear as a pin on a sweater or scarf.

by gerryb 28 Nov 2016

A pin back attached so she can wear it during the season? If it's not too large! It is beautiful!

by noah 28 Nov 2016

I love it for sure!!!!hugs