by marianb 18 Oct 2016

Does anyone know where I can get a Holly and Berries fsl design or one that can be done on organza to look like lace approx. 1" high. For snowman hat..


by jerrib 22 Oct 2016

If you haven't found what your looking for try Yoriko's site
Look in FSL Christmas for

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marianb by marianb 31 Jan 2017

thank you Jerri

by sewmom 18 Oct 2016

Search here for FSL holly earrings

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marianb by marianb 19 Oct 2016

thank you the earrings design are what I was I looking for. Marian

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by rescuer Moderator edited 18 Oct 2016

Edited: Try the earrings at the link. You will need to scroll down a bit to get there.
I have looked...but I have only found ones much larger than you need. I wonder... if you could asked Urban Threads to create one for you -- as they have a pretty set that is just too large.

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marianb by marianb 19 Oct 2016

thank you, I like Sonia's will try Urban Threads..