by michemb 13 Oct 2016


Unfortunately computer techs (three) have all told me the same thing. No way to recuperate my designs. Word of advice, if you are using and working from an external hard drive the better option is an electronic hard drive (that is the one you need to plug into an electrical outlet), the one I had was a portable one.
Often the electronic ones can be opened and some of the info can be saved, no so with mine.
I have spent the last three days going through usb keys trying to piece together files. My biggest loss is all that I have put together, scecnes, combination designs etc. Nothing to be done, I have no choice but to start over, big job.
So I will continue to sift through with the hope that I find something, somewhere to get me started again,
wish me luck and thank you all so much for your advice and comments on y last post.
hugs and flower to all


by blueeyedblonde 07 Nov 2016

Sorry to hear you lost your files.
I feel terrible for you!
I'm having issues with my program and am keeping my fingers crossed I don't lose anything.
Some companies are great and will replace your files from them, so hopefully you will get a lot back that way.
Your combinations have always been great and you put pictures on here of a lot - so maybe you could take a picture and then be able to hunt up those deigns - just a thought!

Good luck - will be thinking of you!

by jofrog2000 22 Oct 2016

And hard copies-cd or dvds. I make 2 of each months backup before they go onto the external.

by deannabriese 22 Oct 2016

Check out Microsoft One Drive cloud. It costs me about $10 a month and holds all my files-- a huge memory. It came with windows 10 free for a smaller memory and I upgraded to the additional memory plus updated office.

by cfidl 22 Oct 2016

Bummer, I have been using carbonite and have had to recover twice. Now all has been well for 2 years.

by meganne 22 Oct 2016

Michelle I was just browsing the Seagate website and discovered their recovery service info, thought it just might be of some help to you.

hugs, Meg

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michemb by michemb 22 Oct 2016

thanks Meg, will have my son take a look at it but he did tell me that he knows of someone who did this and it was lots of $$$$

by basketkase 15 Oct 2016

Oh, Michelle, I am sickened for you......after my last back up fail we switched to one of those cloud thingys........have had to use it once or twice and it was so easy.........

by pldc 15 Oct 2016

I'm sorry they can not recover them for you but I believe that you will do everything that you to prepare fr your upcoming shows & you have my prayers for a wonderful success ~hugs~

by cwal 14 Oct 2016

I also lost my designs and have to say I burst out crying. My husband put a dog biscuit on my computer desk and my daughters boyfriends large dog broke my external hard drive. I was mad at my husband and he didn't seem to think it was such a big deal. It didn't take him too long to realize it was. It took a long time to get my designs back from companies and of course some couldn't be retrieved. I now back up in three different ways. I'm also thinking it may be good to send copies to my daughter in another state in case of some disaster. She doesn't do embroidery so she would just store them for me. I live in Florida and we just had a hurricane.

by dragonflyer 14 Oct 2016

So sorry, will be a large task for you, I know...and I also know it is not the purchased designs, but the combinations you have put together so painstakingly that make them your own...

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michemb by michemb 14 Oct 2016

Your right, my combo designs are what have me the most upset. I will recover, it is just lousy timing,

by Smokey12 14 Oct 2016

When I lost mine I found that most companies where I had registered accounts still had my info on them. This helped me recover most of my designs. I had a lot on cd's as a backup also. I also keep a paper book with the websites and passwords I am registered on.

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michemb by michemb 14 Oct 2016

I have recovered from some companies but later I will take the time to search through invoices so that I can request from others.

by jerrib 14 Oct 2016

Michelle, this breaks my heart. I am so sorry. I lost a lot of designs a few years ago, so now I back mine up on 3 external hard drives.
I have 2 plugged in all the time and one that I unplug daily, so if something happens, I still have it.
I hope you are able to get all your beautiful combinations back.

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michemb by michemb 14 Oct 2016

thanks Jerri,
This will take a while to recover from but there is nothing I can do. I will start from the beginning, I will have to get my creative juices flowing lol.

by meganne 14 Oct 2016

I am so very sorry to read this Michelle, if I can help in any way please PM me.

For the future, for anyone who is considering purchasing an external hard drive, I can and do HIGHLY recommend SEAGATE (external) Hard drives.
The one I use now I have had for over 12 years and I treat it like a delicate glass ornament as they ARE very delicate pieces of equipment.
Some VERY important points to remember:-
Under NO circumstances should you EVER move an external hard drive while it is in use.
You should always use the correct shut down procedure, never just pull the lead out from your computer.
Never just switch it off unless (while still connected to your computer), you have already shut down your computer, THEN, you can switch off the EHD.
Always turn off the transformer at the power supply AFTER you have shut down and turned off, the EHD.

I have mentioned before, I use my external hard drives and DVD's as FILING systems, I don't use them for doing "backups", per se.
When used as a filing system you can add to it, only that which you want to add, each day.

I do hope someone finds this useful and it helps someone avoid future heartache.
hugs n blessings, Meg

michemb by michemb 14 Oct 2016

Thanks Meg
The hard drive I had was Seagate, highly recommended by my son who is a computer whiz. Had it been electronic, I probably wouldn't be in this mess,

meganne by meganne 14 Oct 2016

Yes Michelle, both of mine are electronic, I'm not big on USB or battery powered.
I feel devastated for you, I don't know how I would ever cope if I lost everything.
I keep copies of all my files on three laptops, a desktop, 2 portable hard drives, a mini X-drive and numerous DVD's and still I worry about accidents.
It is hard enough having to upgrade Windows versions and worrying about my favourite digitising program being unusable, I lost it once and I couldn't stop crying I was so sick over it, so I pray that sometime in the future someone will be clever enough to help you. I have an amazing technician here who I'm sure would be able to, but at what cost, let alone the risk of posting it and then as you say three have tried.
My thoughts are with you GF.

by airyfairy 14 Oct 2016

I am so heart sore for you.

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michemb by michemb 14 Oct 2016

thanks Sarah

by katydid 13 Oct 2016

Oh my , I lost my designs in 2008 and was able to get to most back , but it took me a year. I am so sorry for your loss. I wish you the best! Love , KAY

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michemb by michemb 14 Oct 2016

thanks Kay

by rescuer Moderator 13 Oct 2016

You have photos to show the wonderful design combinations. I know you will recover...just a matter of time. Lots of time!

There is nearly always a way to recover files -- just the cost rises (like thousands of dollars) when you have to disassemble the drive and put the 1's and 0's in the correct order. There are places you can send it if you want to spend big money.

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michemb by michemb 14 Oct 2016

Yes if I was willing to pay $$$$ I mayy be able to recover (no guarantee) but it is certainly not in the budget at this time. I will hold onto it and maybe sometime in the future, I will look into it.