by barba 06 May 2016

Is there some formula, or how do you know how large to cut quilt pieces so to get the corner points to be right. In the past, my Mom would draw her design on paper, cut out the pieces and then redraw on cardboard with the 1/4 inch seam added. I bought plastic quilt squares, 12 1/2", 8 1/2", 6 1/2" and 4 1/2" but do not know how to use them to make the pieces come out right. My center square is the 61/2". How do I make a triangle to sew onto the edges and have points when my next piece goes on? Thank you so much for any advice. I have struggled with this all day and all my squares do not have points. Thank you with hugs, Barba


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by dragonflyer edited 07 May 2016

You need to add 7/8 of an inch to the size you want your finished square...but I usually add an inch and then square up my block...there is a chart in the link below that is most helpful...

barba by barba 07 May 2016

Thank you so much for the link. I am printing it off. I think my biggest mistake was assuming my squares should all be accurate without re-cutting as has been suggested and as was shown in the tutorial. Oh well,my grandson will love it anyway and it is definitely a learning experience. Thank you with hugs and a flower, Barba

dragonflyer by dragonflyer 07 May 2016

Glad to help! I always try to square up all my blocks no matter what type they are...makes the block piecing so much easier and precise...

by katydid 06 May 2016

I am a want to be quilter. Where should I start? maybe a placemat or mug rug. There are many quilters here and I know you will get some great advise.

Smokey12 by Smokey12 07 May 2016

I have everyone I teach start with a pillowcase. You learn patchwork, basic sewing (just in case they don't know) and machine quilting on a small scale. Plus, you have a soft, padded pillowcase when you are finished.

barba by barba 07 May 2016

Thank you with hugs and a flower, Barba

by jofrog2000 06 May 2016

Google setting triangles. You will get many places to check out. Some with charts, others will tell you the math.

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barba by barba 07 May 2016

Thank you with hugs and a flower, Barba

by Smokey12 06 May 2016

I hope one of these sites can help you. I have a square in a square ruler I use and make my pieces bigger and just cut them down when I am finished,

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barba by barba edited 07 May 2016

Thank you so much. The links are a big help and I am saving both links and printing one for my next attempt. Thanks with hugs and a flower, Barba