by arisann 23 Apr 2016

I am asking you all to pray for my Sister Fran, she has lung cancer both lungs. I appreciate every prayer sent to The Lord for her. I ask everyone I come in contact with. Will you please ask your church family to pray also for her. She is under 100 pounds now and so thin. But I know God works miracles always and heals folks everyday. I trust in Him. Thank you all in advance.


by abl789 01 May 2016

Praying for your sister Fran and your family.

by momofeight 30 Apr 2016

Fran will be in my prayers also for the family

by zoefzoef 30 Apr 2016

prayers to her and all her friends and family to support her and each other in these difficult times

by gerryvb 30 Apr 2016

prayers for Fran and for you.

by arisann 30 Apr 2016

Hi to all, thank you for praying. She had her 2nd treatment Wednesday.
Thank you all and God Bless you all for praying for her.

by aleene 27 Apr 2016

Yes, sending prayer up for the whole family!

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lidiad by lidiad 28 Apr 2016

Prayers and hugs for your sister and the whole family!

by anangel 27 Apr 2016

Praying for healing for Fran! Praying for the blessings of strength and peace for you through this stressful time.
Hugs, Angel

by pldc 25 Apr 2016

adding my prayers as well

by pennifold 23 Apr 2016

Dear Ann, I am praying for God's will for you all. I have just come home from church and saw your post. May you feel his loving embrace surrounding you all through this difficult time. Love and blessings Chris

by draco 23 Apr 2016

Praying for your sister Fran, you and your family at this very difficult time. Hugs.

by lbrow 23 Apr 2016

But of course, you and sister Fran are now on my prayer list and yes I will request prayer from the church for you and Fran in the morning. God Bless both. We have seen God's miracles first hand and know what He can do/Lillian

by cfidl 23 Apr 2016

God Bless you both.

by liliana1 23 Apr 2016

I am sorry to hear this, I will be praying for your sister and all your family

by dragonflyer 23 Apr 2016

So very sad to hear about your Sister...I will keep you both in my thoughts and prayers...