by tlp22 30 Mar 2016

Big storms in the U.S now through Friday. Prayers for all concerned. For us it is the biggest threat tomorrow. I know several will be hit by these storms and tornado's. God be with us all.


by cfidl 01 Apr 2016

Keep in touch today please!

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tlp22 by tlp22 05 Apr 2016

Everything was fine here. Sorry just seeing this. Been trying to work in the yard when possible. I am so slow and we have about an acre lot. Got most of the limbs and sticks picked up and burned. More storms are coming Springs not over. Kentucky always has an active Spring. Thanks.

by airyfairy 31 Mar 2016

Keep safe

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tlp22 by tlp22 31 Mar 2016

We are all ok right now.

by Smokey12 30 Mar 2016

I hope it is not as bad as predicted. Some areas are still recovering from the last round of storms. Prayers for all. We changed our travel plans due to these storms and will just stay home.

tlp22 by tlp22 31 Mar 2016

Hope you are still ok. Some area are flooded. Some devastated by tornados. We have been so fortunate.

Smokey12 by Smokey12 edited 01 Apr 2016

We are lucky, first round of storms just came through. Heavy wind and about 2-3 inches or rain. But all is good here. Some power lines fell down the road a bit. Hope everyone is safe.