by sewtired 15 Feb 2016

Can anyone tell me what's happening with the Embossed Alpha at Cooly Embroidery? I was online briefly this morning and saw that the letter "I" had been posted, but I didn't want to be late for church, so I didn't check it out. This evening when I got back on, the "I" was there, but was not free. Are these letters no longer going to be free as they are posted or is the timing going to be less than a day? I'm sure it wasn't there yesterday. I guess I'm a little confused and disappointed.


by 02kar Moderator 15 Feb 2016

Please be aware that not all digitizers are in the same time zone. The letter was almost certainly up for the 24 hours in the time zone it was digitized in, but many of the hours may be while you were sleeping. We have digitizers on all continents but Anartica and I wouldn't bet money on that either.

by jofrog2000 15 Feb 2016

Well, you're not crazy, it was not free last night, but is this morning. Yea. I figured it had to be a glitch or an oversight.

by sewtired 15 Feb 2016

Thank you Yoriko, I don't know what happened to me yesterday, but indeed the "I" is free today.

by crafter2243 Moderator 15 Feb 2016

It is still free.

by sdrise 15 Feb 2016

I is still free right now.. They are changing to J next.