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by pacmp ( edited 04 Jan 2016 ) 04 Jan 2016

Ms Veronika has just posted a fix for the Cute Alphabet exclamation point. so any who have not been able to download or have not already converted through another means the corrected formats are now there. Huge Hugs for all she does.


by brittanycooper 05 Jan 2016


by dragonflyer 04 Jan 2016

Hmmm...hope she puts the 9 back up, too...I could not download the .Pes format or the .Jef format...I gave up after those two did not work... :)

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rescuer by rescuer 04 Jan 2016

Sorry, I was not aware that the number 9 was having trouble too. I will contact the site owner again. Please contact the moderators if there are file types not working so we can let her know.
Thanks so much -- we appreciate your help!

by hbeiff 04 Jan 2016

thank you

by grossfamilie 04 Jan 2016

thanks a lot - Maria

by cfidl 04 Jan 2016

I forgot to d/l another format. Is there a link?

pacmp by pacmp 04 Jan 2016

Thank you jrob!

hbeiff by hbeiff 04 Jan 2016

thank you

Virginia530 by Virginia530 04 Jan 2016

Thank you for all you do to help us by sharing designs with those of us who do not know how to digitize.