by columbus 03 Jan 2016

so happy - I will have a new Newfoundland furbaby in February


by lidiad 05 Jan 2016

He is adorable! Thanks for the picture.
Hugs, Lidia

by katydid 04 Jan 2016

oh my a real cutie! I look forward to more photos !

by cfidl 04 Jan 2016

That is exciting! Can hardly wait for pics!

by muflotex 04 Jan 2016

8-) Very happy for you, how sweet

by sdrise 04 Jan 2016

How adorable!! Congrats!!

by marianb 04 Jan 2016

He's a cutie for sure, love these gentle giants..

by crafter2243 Moderator 04 Jan 2016

Cute, cute, cute. I bet you will be counting the days.

by tlp22 04 Jan 2016

What a sweet baby. Love puppies. My fur baby was a rescue dog from a shelter. I had lost my German Shepard a week earlier. Miss Coconut has been rescuing me ever since. She is by my side always.

by noah 03 Jan 2016

oh she is cute:):)hugs

by chenille 03 Jan 2016

I am so happy for you!!

by greysewist Moderator 03 Jan 2016

Congratulations to you and Nanook. There is a water rescue group that does training near me, though they do also welcome other breeds these days. I have a children's book 'signed' by a Newfoundland years ago -he was a water rescue dog named Casper. My children are now 24 & 20, but I can't part with the book -I may have even got it before the kids :)

by sandralane 03 Jan 2016

A cutie indeed. Congrats. Sandra.

by brendalea 03 Jan 2016

Such a cutie. What a nice way to start off the New Year.

by jrob Moderator 03 Jan 2016

He's a good looking boy. I know you are excited to get him home.

by pennifold 03 Jan 2016

Beautiful Newfoundland, my best friend has had many Newfies and at the moment she has a brown one called Rosie. She also has St. Bernards and now Sharpeis. Love Chris

by airyfairy 03 Jan 2016

Congratulations - enjoy

by lbrow 03 Jan 2016

What a sweet littlefur baby. I love the name Nanook/Lillian

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by MrsMVP edited 03 Jan 2016

Lucky you, and a Landseer Newfoundland doggie too! Nanook is a great name for a great puppy. All dogs are magnificent though. ;) PS: I'm from Newfoundland! Woohoo. lol

by sewdeb 03 Jan 2016

Lucky you! Congratulations!

by jeanfoz 03 Jan 2016

Super cute, Jean xx

by dragonflyer 03 Jan 2016

So cute and Newfoundlands are such gentle souls, too...

by tonilee 03 Jan 2016

sweet baby, more pictures, name and boy or girl, love love, thank you for posting so we could see

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columbus by columbus 03 Jan 2016

It is a boy his name is Nanook. At the moment his weight is 3200 g. He still grows with his mother and the other puppies. I will take him beginning February. I hope time runs quickly

by zoefzoef 03 Jan 2016

Yes that is good nes ! Don't forget to post a picture of her or is it him ?