by rescuer Moderator 02 Nov 2015

If you were looking for software to really digitize (no auto-digitizing for me) -- what questions would you ask the company concerning their software?

What are your personal favorite features of the software you use?


by mops Moderator 02 Nov 2015

I bought Brother's scanner in 1992 - that was caveman's digitising, but I was rather proud I could make a design. I've still got it and it's really good for à laugh.
In 1999 I bought Husqvarna software, their old system 5, and have upgraded ever since, which cost a fortune over the years. . Unfortunately the later versions only offer a digitising module as part of the Pro version. It comes with over 100 predigitised alphabets, shapes and flourishes. On the downside it is expensive, but not as expensive as industrial software. I don't mind the dongle - never had any trouble with it, and the burglars were not interested, thank goodnes.
And in 2007 (?) I also bought Embird and love it. There are numerous good, free tutorials on every tric and tool on their website, but if you have no previous digi knowledge it might be hard to get an overall idea. Alphabets have to be bought separately at $15 à set.

So what would I be looking for
- easy to use tools that let me do what I want - not à lot of so-called consumer friendly wizards;
- an easy way to change objects into others, e.g. line objects into fills or columns and vice versa;
- reasonably priced upgrades;
- predigitised alphabets included;
- free lessons if you think you could not get enough info from the manuals.

And it helps if you can get tips from users of the same software.

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rescuer by rescuer 03 Nov 2015

Thank you for the list. I think my greatest concern now is the support/upgrades but I want to make sure I am thinking about all the other really important bits.

by dragonflyer 02 Nov 2015

So many questions..but first and foremost would be educational support and it should be included with the cost of the software...also, the cost to upgrade is huge...something to keep in mind as upgrades are inevitable...Embird & Floriani are two that I would seriously consider...neither of them require a dongle (big plus) and Embird's cost for upgrading is usually free or very nominal...Floriani upgrades are free for life...huge plus..and their new TCU software is really good...pricey, but good...and if you consider no cost for upgrades...not so bad...With Embird, the cash outlay can be spread out by their individual as you need...very budget friendly...and Embird Iconizer is wonderful! I have Janome MBX 4.5 which I love but the upgrades run around $500 each...they usually come out with an upgrade about every 3-4 years..ouch...I also have Palette 9 (Next) which I do not like at all...sorry I ever purchased is way to complicated...four steps to every one that I have to do with Janome...Hindsight being 20/20...I probably should have gone with Embird from the beginning...Floriani TCU is new...but if I had to make a choice would be between Embird and Floriani...I know Floriani has fantastic educational support...and I have seen their software in action...its really powerful and easy to today it would probably be my choice...

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rescuer by rescuer 03 Nov 2015

Thank you for all the information. I have looked a Embird and I may have to take another look.

by brendalea 02 Nov 2015

Thank you rescuer for putting the question out there. Will have to pop back to read more. Thank you Brenda Lea

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rescuer by rescuer 03 Nov 2015

I hope you find the information you need too.

by graceandham 02 Nov 2015

I'd be very concerned about education materials, support staff, long-term cost (price plus upgrades, replacing dongles...) and lastly features (they mostly share the same features). Really happy with my choice of Floriani Total Control Universe.

rescuer by rescuer 03 Nov 2015

Thank you. What do you like best about the features in Floriani?

graceandham by graceandham 04 Nov 2015

Now that's a harder question. Really beautiful built-in fonts and lots of built in applique shapes and other designs. Their page layout when working with designs. Flexibility in how you correct and modify a design. The Slow Redraw feature. Let me think on it some more.

by spendlove Moderator 02 Nov 2015

Tricky one as I've only used Embird and have no comparisons to make.
It is great that you don't have to buy it all at once and I like the fact that it is not made by one of the machine manufacturers. Those tend to be very expensive and dealers tell you that you need them to use your machine!
Another good thing is that there are nice people around who can help if you get stuck. (She know who she is!)

brendalea by brendalea 02 Nov 2015

Great information. One day down the road I too would love to get into digitizing, just need a little more time and money. You are right about the dealers as some of them only push there brand.
Cutie members here do have a lot of information to offer. Thank you again for the information Brenda Lea

mops by mops 02 Nov 2015

The dealers are regularly educated at dealers' conventions and most often only know that particular brand. Which means they are not the ideal advisers.

rescuer by rescuer 03 Nov 2015

Thank you -- especially for the last bit as I need to remember that friends are the best and some of the best friends are always nearby.

lidiad by lidiad 13 Nov 2015

Well said, Rescuer!
Hugs, Lidia