by edithfarminer 21 Oct 2015

Cuties I think the new Q for voting is on page 2 at the moment. The one on page one is the old Alphabet.

Quite similar and a bit confusing.


by sewmom 21 Oct 2015

Q for Cute Autumn Font has a scarecrow in it. Here's the link to it's page, not the voting page.

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pacmp by pacmp 22 Oct 2015

The link you are showing is to the letter G not Q- The Q still has not yet posted- One way to check is to click on the link that shows all the designs on the site, not the vote page, and Ms V releases the next letter in order and currently the P was the last letter of this set that she posted. I will keep watching for the next release and hopefully those completing other sets will at least get the next letter or two in their incomplete sets. Good Luck all. Pam

by sewtired 21 Oct 2015

I found the Cute Autumn Font "O" on page 2, but I haven't seen the "Q" yet. Edith, don't confuse the Cute Autumn Font ( now running and up to the letter "P") with the Bright Autumn Font ( previous font - now complete).

by edithfarminer 21 Oct 2015

It definitely has been posted in the past tilde01 as I have it.

by brittanycooper 21 Oct 2015

Got ya covered.

by tilde01 21 Oct 2015

No, the Q of the Cute Autumn Font hasn't been posted yet.