by annafaye 26 Sep 2015

A baby blanket that I made for a friend. The theme is snug as a bug. Do you think she will like it? Been working on it for 3 weeks. So glad to be done. Baby could arrive any day! How exciting.

It's a Girl!
Welcome Aubree Paige!!!


by arlene 29 Sep 2015

Beautiful blanket. Such beautiful designs. Will be a wonderful keepsake.

by yvh 28 Sep 2015

It's ADORABLE ! Baby will probably love it to death until she's in college and worn it out! Mom will love it, too.

by connerj 28 Sep 2015

Very cute - so many precious designs - I am sure she will love it. :)

by mysew1325 27 Sep 2015

this blanket is darling.. great job... the baby will love it as it gets older and can see all the cute little pictures..

by worthy 27 Sep 2015

Congratulations on a job well done.. As to liking it.. well she may just put it up to keep so she doesn't mess it up..;-) vbg.. Really lovely

by sjbrower 27 Sep 2015

Just in time! Wow that's a lot of work, and a cute blanket! Thanks for sharing with us. --Sharon

by radmom 27 Sep 2015

Adorable! Baby will love cuddling under this sweet blanket!

by lbrow 27 Sep 2015

Wow! Lot's of work went into this blanket. Mother is going to love it. /Lillian

by lidiad 27 Sep 2015

Your blanket is so beautiful and your friend will be thrilled!
Hugs, Lidia

by deegee 27 Sep 2015

Beautiful work. Looks so warm & cosy. Bet it will be very much appreciated. Great job.

by sandralane 27 Sep 2015

Delightful blanket, i am sure it will be treasured. Well done, thanks for sharing. Sandra.

by stella1 27 Sep 2015

Very cute and sweet .Think she will loved it. Very nice love the bugs

by highlandermom 26 Sep 2015

Well done, it will be well loved. A nice size.

by Ossineu 26 Sep 2015

I think she will like. It's wonderful.

by pldc 26 Sep 2015

good job, she will love it! ~hugs~

by sonjapotgieter 26 Sep 2015

She would be so Thankful for such Awesome Gorgeous work done!!!

by tlp22 26 Sep 2015

How sweet. She will be buggy in love with it.

by basketkase 26 Sep 2015

Love it!!

by noah 26 Sep 2015

cute for sure and lots of work:):)hugs

by twoshoesfarms 26 Sep 2015

Very Cute. I'm sure She will love and appreciate all the time you put into making her blanket special

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lbrow by lbrow edited 27 Sep 2015

Hi and welcome to Cute. Glad to have you with us. Stick around and get to know everyone, I'm sure you'll enjoy being here Lots of good people who are always willing to help if you need it and wonderful designs here on the Cute site. Again, you are most welcme! /Lillian

by elemausi 26 Sep 2015

She will like it, it is adorable. Good work.