by sjbrower ( edited 10 Jan 2016 ) 07 Sep 2015

Summer's ending, but I had to do just one more summer outfit for Miss Ella before I turn to Christmas gifts.

My mom made the ruffly pants and asked me to make a top to go with them. We made this outfit a size larger to fit next year.

The design on the shirt is a Sue D. original from MyGardenED (Yoriko's site). I love how it turned out!



by anitapatch 16 Sep 2015

So sweet

by katydid 15 Sep 2015

So cute!

by lidiad 08 Sep 2015

That's a lovely, happy-looking outfit, well done to you both!
Hugs, Lidia

by de105 08 Sep 2015

A very nice outfit , I have some pink ruffle fabric just like this and I didn't know what to make out of it. Now I do. Tell your mom this is a great idea, I never thought to make pants and also love the top.

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sjbrower by sjbrower 09 Sep 2015

Mom said this came to her one night as she was going to sleep! Also said to tell you good luck sewing the ruffle stuff.

by pennyhal2 08 Sep 2015

Fantastic outfit! I like the use of buttons on the shirt and the bright cheery colors you chose.

by peafarm 08 Sep 2015

What a cute outfit. Never thought of pants made out of the ruffle material. Will be a project runway child wearing this darling outfit.

by mechille 08 Sep 2015

It is really really cute. Y'all did a wonderful job. The design is really pretty. My Granddaughter would love this.

by RockyB 08 Sep 2015

So adorable! The top goes perfectly with the cute little pants!

by aussiequilter 08 Sep 2015

what a darling outfit

by carolpountney 08 Sep 2015

Cute outfit

by babash 07 Sep 2015

Lovely outfit. Love the pants does the fabric come with the ruffles?

sjbrower by sjbrower 08 Sep 2015

Yes, it's a nylon-feeling knit fabric (from Comes in a bunch of colors. My mom said that to sew it, she taped the ruffles down so they would stay in place as she serged the seams.

babash by babash 08 Sep 2015

Thanks for the info. Haven't seen this fabric before.

by lbrow 07 Sep 2015

Nice work Love the flower buttons and embroidery. Great looking outfit /Lillian

by laffma1 edited 07 Sep 2015

Oh, so cute!! Love the ruffley pants also. Makes a terrific looking outfit.

by cece1 07 Sep 2015

Congrats to you and your mom on such a cute outfit! Miss Ella should be so happy. Wish my mom could see well enough to sew with me. Hugs, Cece

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sjbrower by sjbrower 08 Sep 2015

I am blessed that she is still with me and can still do some things that she loves. My mom is 85, and her eyesight is not what it used to be, so I expect these days are limited. We will enjoy them while we can.... and enjoy something different when this is gone. Thanks for your comments... Hope you can give your mom an extra hug next time you see her. --Sharon

by pennifold 07 Sep 2015

WOW! Sharon this is just stunning! I love Yoriko's flowers and adding those delightful floral buttons just makes the outfit. Your Mum has done a wonderful job on those ruffled pants too. Well done the two of you. Ella will love this outfit. Love Chris

by dragonflyer 07 Sep 2015


by graceandham 07 Sep 2015

Great look on both. Congrats to Sue, too. How about an orange-y brown shirt for fall into winter with these cute pants?

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sjbrower by sjbrower 07 Sep 2015

Great idea! I'll pass it along to Ella's mum.

by scrappinhappie 07 Sep 2015

You created the perfect match for the adorable pants. Both of you made a great little outfit. I know she must LOVE it!!!

by Ossineu 07 Sep 2015

I like the work from you and your mom . Cute pants and really great shirt.

by elemausi 07 Sep 2015

Cute outfit. Good work both of you.

by mysew1325 07 Sep 2015

this outfit is adorable ..great job

by pldc 07 Sep 2015

oh it is darling & I love the fabric for the pants how fun & girly! ~hugs~

by sonjapotgieter 07 Sep 2015

It is so Cute!!!!Adorable and Yes Amazing work done!!!!Well done

by noah 07 Sep 2015

Love your wee outfit and Sues design hugs