by Zinobia 16 Aug 2015

Finally after envying all cuties bag/pouches/purse here I am with u mine.Thanks for uploading your projects and links to tutorials.


by cfidl 18 Aug 2015

beautiful! so glad you are happy!

by katetoo 18 Aug 2015

Where did you get the design?

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Zinobia by Zinobia 18 Aug 2015 under machine embroidery designs/eye glasses case category. However for free designs they don't provide colour charts.

by bemara 18 Aug 2015

A elegant handbag, i love the cross-stitch design :-))

by decojo 17 Aug 2015

Stunning purse ~ beautifully done! Joyce

by Zinobia 16 Aug 2015

This has better colours.

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peafarm by peafarm 17 Aug 2015

Wow! had to see the close-up.
I've only done 2 samples of cross-stitch. Don't know why I've not done more-beautiful!


by toogie 16 Aug 2015

Lovely, just lovely. I love the 'needlepoint' look.

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Zinobia by Zinobia 16 Aug 2015

Special thanks to you for showing us your projects and posting links of tutorials. They guided and inspired me so much. Hugs

by sjbrower 16 Aug 2015

oh how beautiful! That is a gorgeous design on the black background. Thank you for sharing your work. --Sharon

by pennyhal2 16 Aug 2015

Gosh, it looks like it could have been a heirloom! Or it might be. Nicely done!

by lidiad 16 Aug 2015

Wow, love that bag and the cross stitch design stands out beautifully!
I have downloaded the same design some time ago and forgot to stitch it out, thank you for reminding me.
Hugs, Lidia

by gougousse 16 Aug 2015

Very fantastic purse; elegant , very nice colors, Well done, Love it.

by noah 16 Aug 2015

Awesome work love it i do:):)hugs

by gwillmann 16 Aug 2015

Beautiful purse. I love the colors you used.

by rsloan 16 Aug 2015

This is a beautiful purse - very elegant. I can't believe it is your first!!!
You are inspiring me to give it a try too.

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Zinobia by Zinobia 16 Aug 2015

Don't wait. And don't give up.. Just start and do it. Best of luck.

by dragonflyer 16 Aug 2015

Beautiful job...

by laffma1 16 Aug 2015

Really elegant handbag. Love the cross stitch design you used. It stands out beautifully against the black background fabric. Wonderfully done.

by lbrow 16 Aug 2015

Stunningly beautiful! You have done a marvelous job/Lillian

by sonjapotgieter 16 Aug 2015


by carolpountney 16 Aug 2015

Very nice

by pennifold 16 Aug 2015

This looks really elegant and such a pretty design. Love Chris

by tlp22 16 Aug 2015

Terrific!!!! Beautiful stitching.

by sandralane 16 Aug 2015

This is a very pretty bag, you have done a wonderful job of this. Sandra.

by queenofhearts 16 Aug 2015

Very pretty. It may be your first but I'll bet it won't be your last.

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Zinobia by Zinobia 16 Aug 2015

Yes definately first and many more to post still as could not upload more in one go.