by sbott54 08 Jul 2015

How do I convert an Art70 file to Pes format? I've checked and no help that I can see. Wilcom Truesizer doesn't recognize this format, I guess because it's so new? Any help would be appreciated. It's a file requested by my cousin that I embroidery out in exchange for my aunt's sewing room contents. He wants it to go to me, the only sewer in our clan. He only asked for a small thing in exchange. He's my buddy and best friend all my life. Yes, I've tried to get anyone in the family addicted but no takers. Explains why I'm so busy sewing for family. Lol


by fontmomma 13 Jul 2015

Pulse Ambassador might do it. I know it does VP files and might be on the list.

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fontmomma by fontmomma 13 Jul 2015

I looked on the one I have from Pulse, it says "ART" files or "All designs files".

by lidiad 10 Jul 2015

Bernina has a free software called Artlink 7. Just Google "Bernina software". It may be the right software for you.
Hugs, Lidia

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rescuer by rescuer 13 Jul 2015

This is what I would use.

by basketkase 08 Jul 2015

I think you need Bernina software to convert any art file.......not sure that any others recognise are format......send me a PM and I will see if I can help you out.........

airyfairy by airyfairy 09 Jul 2015

You are a star Vicki

sbott54 by sbott54 09 Jul 2015

I'll look more closely and if not I'll trouble Basketcase. Thanks,

rescuer by rescuer 13 Jul 2015

Thank you for being willing to give her step-by-step instructions on how to get the Bernina software and convert the file on her own computer. That is a great skill for anyone to learn!

basketkase by basketkase 13 Jul 2015

I was hoping to find out what software she was using to see if I could help her convert, unfortunately Bernina is pretty proprietary on every thing they do, so am not sure of any other software that would convert......

rescuer by rescuer 13 Jul 2015

I do hope she finds something that will work. The Bernina free software might be easiest to use in this case.

basketkase by basketkase 13 Jul 2015

I didn't even know that Bernina had anything "free"...LOL...I should have bought stock in them!!!

rescuer by rescuer 13 Jul 2015

LOL I think it is just to encourage folks to buy Berninas