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by nonna57 ( edited 23 Jun 2015 ) 23 Jun 2015

We have been blessed with another Beautiful Grandaughter. "Nonna57sdaughter1 (Julie)" yesterday.

13 G/sons and 5 G/daughters. God has truly blessed us :)


by dilceia 12 Jul 2015


by pennifold 11 Jul 2015

Congratulations Jewls, she is just gorgeous. I hope you are enjoying having Mum there with you - and remember to take it easy and let everyone around you pamper you whilst you can. Not only two hearts on a journey through life now but three. God bless you, love Chris

nonna57sdaughter1 by nonna57sdaughter1 11 Jul 2015

Thanks Chris, we are totally in love with her, shes a good baby and its nice having mum here.....i'm teaching her to make bread!!!!! 😂

nonna57 by nonna57 12 Jul 2015

And i have ruined 2 loaves ( so far ). Give up Julie . It aint going to work for me like yours :))

by Leaha 10 Jul 2015

Congrats to all! Lovely picture.

by kezza2sew 10 Jul 2015

You back home now Pauline...
You sure have a wonderful lot of grand Babies...

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nonna57 by nonna57 11 Jul 2015

Kerry Still in QLD got another 2 weeks :))

by nonna57 10 Jul 2015

She is so cute. A little bundle of pink ,,

by nonna57sdaughter1 09 Jul 2015

Here is our little one, 6lb9oz, 49cm long, perfect in every way, a big change to our life (17 years as DINKS!) but we love her to bits! Hard to stop staring in wonder at her! Thanks for all your good wishes xxx

aussiequilter by aussiequilter 09 Jul 2015

aww what a beautiful photo

nonna57 by nonna57 10 Jul 2015

She is so cute and i am lucky to be here at Julies for 2 weeks of cuddle and kisses :))

jrob by jrob 10 Jul 2015

Oh, how beautiful! I know that you are all enamored.

kezza2sew by kezza2sew 10 Jul 2015

Such a little sweetie, congratulations love.

by mranderson 25 Jun 2015

Congratulations Pauline to you and your family. You are a bit like us, a bit short in the G/daughter department. 7GS and 2GD. Eldest GS was 18 yesterday. How time flies. Enjoy the cuddles. Hugs Marg

by kazza 25 Jun 2015

Mmmmm that makes 18, two more than me, well done Julie and that is great news Pauline!

by zoefzoef 25 Jun 2015

congratulations !!

by judyoake 25 Jun 2015

Wow!!!! Congratulations!!!

by sdrise 25 Jun 2015

Congratulations!! Enjoy her!

by asterixsew Moderator 25 Jun 2015

Well my first set of Congratulations to all vanished into the ether so for the second time... CONGRATUATIONS Pauline to all of you but especially to Julie and her other half. I should think that you and your husband are busy keeping track of all your grandchildren but what great fun that you will have with them.

by gerryvb 25 Jun 2015

congratulations, for you and the family! enjoy the new born !!!

by grandmamek 25 Jun 2015

Congratulations to all. Hope new granddaughter and daughter are doing well. Nothing is more wonderful than a new baby to love. We will have our 4th great grandchild due in September. Such fun to be making baby things again. Enjoy that new baby to the fullest. Hugs, Mary

by lbrow 24 Jun 2015

Congratulations again Pauline. You are truly blessed/Lillian

by shirley124 24 Jun 2015


by designgirl 24 Jun 2015


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nonna57 by nonna57 24 Jun 2015

Thankyou :)))))

by lidiad 24 Jun 2015

Hugs, Lidia

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nonna57 by nonna57 24 Jun 2015

Lidia thank you so very much :))

by aussiequilter 24 Jun 2015

awww thats so sweet Pauline Congratulation I hope you get to see them soon

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nonna57 by nonna57 24 Jun 2015

Monika thankyou, Hoping to go Brissy next week. Sending love to your daughter that all goes well :)))

by marianb 24 Jun 2015

Congratulations to all.. How nice now you can make those lovely little girly things again...

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nonna57 by nonna57 24 Jun 2015

Marian thank you. Yes had better get cracking. :))

by toogie 24 Jun 2015

So very happy for you! You have a lot of grandsons too! I had 5 grandsons and only 1 grand daughter for a long time, then we got the twin girls, 1 boy, and later Nora. So we have now 6 boys-4 girls. Congratulations to the whole family and I hope all is well!

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nonna57 by nonna57 24 Jun 2015

Thank you Toogie Aren't grands the best :)))

by pennifold 24 Jun 2015

So thrilled to hear this news Pauline. I hope Jewls had a good delivery and wasn't too tired afterwards. I hope you get to go up there soon. Love Chris

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nonna57 by nonna57 24 Jun 2015

Chris thank you. Long labour 30 ?odd hrs and then a C section, Posteria? chin up and cord 2 time around neck. BUT she is here and healthy, Hopefully heading off next week :)

by crafter2243 Moderator 24 Jun 2015

Congratulations to everyone. What a beautiful event,

nonna57 by nonna57 24 Jun 2015

Thank you very much . :)))

nonna57 by nonna57 24 Jun 2015

Angie :))

by katydid 23 Jun 2015


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nonna57 by nonna57 24 Jun 2015

Katy... Thank you :)

by graceandham 23 Jun 2015

Thrilled for you. Hope you get to hold, rock and kiss her soon.

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nonna57 by nonna57 24 Jun 2015

Thankyou Grace , once the little one is in my arms there's no letting go :)

by marron1 23 Jun 2015

Congratulations to all ...linda

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nonna57 by nonna57 24 Jun 2015

Thankyou Linda ")

by sandralane 23 Jun 2015

Congratulations and best wishes to all the happy family. Sandra

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nonna57 by nonna57 24 Jun 2015

Thank you Sandra for your best wishes that will be passed on :)

by manami 23 Jun 2015

Congratulations Pauline! Wonderful family!

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nonna57 by nonna57 24 Jun 2015

Yoriko thank you :))

by cfidl 23 Jun 2015

Congratulations! How wonderful. Best wishes to the family!

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nonna57 by nonna57 24 Jun 2015

Thankyou so very much :))

by dragonflyer 23 Jun 2015 lucky to be blessed with so many grands!

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nonna57 by nonna57 24 Jun 2015

Thank you KIm, 18 and they are all my favourites :)

by dailylaundry 23 Jun 2015

How wonderful - oh, you are so very lucky!!! Hug new Granddaughter for each one of us!! Laura*

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nonna57 by nonna57 24 Jun 2015

Thankyou Laura , When i get to see her i shall indeed pass on the hugs :))

by jrob Moderator 23 Jun 2015

Congratulations! You have a BIG family, don't you? The more the merrier. Can't wait to see the pictures, I know she is beautiful. :)

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nonna57 by nonna57 24 Jun 2015

Jerrilyn, Thank you. Yes from 4 of our own we receive in return 18. Truly Blessed. AND she is Beautiful :)

by pacmp 23 Jun 2015

Congratulations! Hope Momma and baby are both doing well. Wonderful blessing! Enjoy!

nonna57 by nonna57 24 Jun 2015

Thankyou Pam, Being 1300klm away is a bit of a downer , but hopefully will see both next week :))

pacmp by pacmp 24 Jun 2015

When we are not close to loved ones we have been able to use Skype with our lap tops, it is like using your computer or laptop like a phone call, and everything the camera sees is shown to the other person, so they not only hear your words but see you also. You also have a small box on your screen showing you what the camera is showing the other person. We have not needed to use it recently, but it sure was awesome when we have needed it and was free too. Hope you get to see the new little one next week, or Skype even sooner!