by sadp 20 Apr 2015

A great BIG thank you to sewmom, Gerry and all our other contributors each and every week for the dailies and a great BIG thank you to our loyal and patient digitizers as well, also a BIG thank you to Sarah (airyfairy) for our birthday wishes. If it were not for you folks we would be left dangling. You make our lives so comfortable and we give back so little. Thank you and be Blessed


by lbrow 22 Apr 2015

That's what CUTE is all about and always has been since the beginning. Loving , caring , generous, praying people who are always ready and willing to be there for you. Thank you Shirley for recognizing and reminding us all what we stand for. So many times and still continues to be Cute has been my life line. I cannot be on as much as I have in the past but I am still here and will continue to be for as long as is possible in my life. There are not enough words to express how I care about all of you, especially Ms Veronika who is such a wonderful person. I add my thanks also to all of you for simply being you and to Shirley for reminding me how dear Cute is to me. Many hugs for you all/Lillian

by airyfairy 21 Apr 2015

Thank you Shirley for the kind words. I would also like to add my thanks to Ms Veronica who makes it all possible.

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sadp by sadp 22 Apr 2015

Yes, thank you to Ms Veronica and the Moderators as well. Without them there never would have been a Cute family well looked after

by gerryvb 21 Apr 2015

A big thank you to everybody who tries to make this site to a site that's more than just an embroidery site! With special thanks to Miss Veronica and moderators who make it possible we can care and share as a Cute family with members all over the world

by dididwiar 21 Apr 2015

Very well said!!! I agree completely!!! Thank you! Thank you!
Thank you!!
And Thank you to you as well Shirley!!!

by gerryb 21 Apr 2015

Add my thanks too!

by haleymax 20 Apr 2015

Thank you to all the people listed above for all that you do for us. Shirley thank you for reminding us about this wonderful Cuties.

by jrob Moderator 20 Apr 2015

Absolutely, Shirley! I add my thanks.

by kingmar 20 Apr 2015

Ditto to all comments here. And Thank You sadp for putting in words what I'm sure we all feel.

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by graceandham edited 20 Apr 2015

Thanks for expressing this so well. We are all blessed to have come to this place.

by 02kar Moderator 20 Apr 2015

I agree and have given my heartfelt thanks many times and will happily say thanks again.

by pacmp 20 Apr 2015

I so very much agree and appreciate the message to each who helps make this site what it is! Then also add special thanks to Ms Veronica and to our ever faithful moderators who do their best to keep the cute sites safe from any of the ills that may come to try to cause us any harm. HUGE hugs and many many thanks! Pam

by asterixsew Moderator 20 Apr 2015

What a lovely comment and one I totally agree with.

by pennifold 20 Apr 2015

What a lovely sentiment Shirley and so true. There are so many wonderful people on here and I agree with everything you have said. Love Chris