by wider57 13 Apr 2015

Here's a pic of hubby modelling his 'chemo' shirt. I cut open the sleeve of a sweat shirt and attached binding so I could put snaps up the sleeve. This works really well when he goes for treatment as the nurses can just snap open the shirt to expose his port (called a PICC), hook him up and then snap him up again to keep him warm. I have had many comments and kudos on these shirts and could probably make them by the dozens for patients. I've made him 2 t-shirts for when it gets a bit warmer. It also makes it really easy for him to change when he gets home as he has a bottle of meds that he wears for 2 days after his main treatment. The snaps work much better than velcro as we can slip the IV lines through the spaces between the snaps and lint doesn't get stuck to the sticky velcro :-) Vida


by pldc 21 Apr 2015

what a great idea! well done, keeping you both in my prayers.~hugs~

by rsloan 15 Apr 2015

Fantastic - I'm going to make one for my mom-she freezes at chemo and this would really help. Great idea.

by sdrise 15 Apr 2015

Brilliant Idea!! Hope Hubby does ok too.

by workbecky 14 Apr 2015

Wonderful idea.

by Zinobia 14 Apr 2015

That's an awesome idea. Wish him speedy recover. It sure will be with the care you are providing him with such thoughtfulness

by Sewmum1 14 Apr 2015

Great idea to help make things a little easier going through a difficult time.

by marianb 14 Apr 2015

Sorry your husband has to go through this.. but you have come up with a great solution to a mostly unknown problem. Well done..

by pennifold 14 Apr 2015

God bless you as you have done a wonderful thing there for people going through chemotherapy. I am so glad you thought of this as it's such a great idea. Glad to read that your husband has gained some weight. Prayers for you all, love Chris

by dollygk 14 Apr 2015

Vida, I'm so sorry that you have to go through this... Another tip for who ever this might help. When my husband was bed ridden during his last months I made full slits up the back of his tobe, the Saudi men's dress, like a long night shirt, up to the back of the collar. Then when we changed his clothes we just had to slide his head thru the neck and then straighten the sides, it worked very well. I did zig zag up the raw edges but no one ever saw this because it was the back.

dollygk by dollygk 14 Apr 2015

OH and a very cleaver idea you had!! God Bless you both and the best of luck to your husband.

pldc by pldc 21 Apr 2015

what a good idea! you are quite creative to think of this Dolly! ~hugs~

by cfidl 13 Apr 2015

So the snaps are up the underside of the sleeve and the picc is in his arm? Bless your heart for making life easier. I am sure others will benefit from your experience.

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wider57 by wider57 13 Apr 2015

Actually, the snaps are on the top of the sleeve where they are easy to get at and the picc is on the inside of his arm. Once he is done his treatment I am going to give the shirts to the clinic so they can pass them on to someone in need.

by lbrow 13 Apr 2015

Wish I had been this smart when my hubby was on Chemo, but I was working full time back then and had little time for sewing. I can see where this would really be great to have. Kudos for you/Lillian

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wider57 by wider57 13 Apr 2015

I am retired now, so am glad I didn't have to go through this while working and raising a family, although I would prefer to NEVER have gone through this. I'm glad something this simple is making life much easier for so many others.

by graceandham 13 Apr 2015

I think you have a ready-made business and clientele.

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wider57 by wider57 13 Apr 2015

You have the same idea as the nurses. I'm sure if I could take my machines to the clinic they'd have me making them as fast as I could. :-)

by 02kar Moderator 13 Apr 2015

I love this idea. Thanks for sharing it with us. I'm sure many of us can use this. I hope the treatment is working for your handsome hubby.

02kar by 02kar 13 Apr 2015

I had to show this to my hubby. He has a drain in his abdomen. He said to tell your hubby that he makes a handsome model to show off this shirt. Now my hubby wants me to make him something for his drain! Uh, OK

graceandham by graceandham 13 Apr 2015


wider57 by wider57 13 Apr 2015

Treatment is working well and sorry this gave your hubby ideas :-) One of the doctors told me that I could make shirts with flip open pockets for those that have ports in their chest - maybe something like that would work for your hubby??

pldc by pldc 21 Apr 2015

oh another good idea girls, way to brain storm them too

pldc by pldc 21 Apr 2015

I can see fun pocket toppers that are really left open to make them less noticible

by toogie 13 Apr 2015

Thank you for posting the snaps/shirts. I am sorry your husband has to go through chemo but very smart of you to think of this for him and others. Look forward to seeing those zipper pulls.

Nicky602 by Nicky602 13 Apr 2015

Very Stylish. Thinking of you and your husband.

wider57 by wider57 13 Apr 2015

Thanks. I thought the bright fabric would bring a smile to everyone. Hubby is doing well with his treatments and has gained 30 lbs so far! Everyone is pleased with his progress.

pldc by pldc 21 Apr 2015

oh that is good news!

by jrob Moderator 13 Apr 2015

That was a terrific idea!

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wider57 by wider57 13 Apr 2015

I didn't think it was that big of a deal - thought there would be lots of these out there, but the nurses and doctors at our clinic said they had never seen anything like it, so go figure.

by dragonflyer 13 Apr 2015


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wider57 by wider57 13 Apr 2015

Thanks. My niece is a nurse and keeps telling all her patients about this too.

by tilde01 13 Apr 2015

That is very cleaver of you. It looks great, like some additional styling on the sleeves. thanks for sharing.

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wider57 by wider57 13 Apr 2015

You are welcome. I think there will be several of these shirts showing up at the clinic as I am more than willing to share my idea and lots of women (or wives of patients) have had a good look.