by rsloan 12 Apr 2015

I'm having a problem with the thread getting caught on my embroidery pressure foot when I'm embroidering satin stitches. Makes a real mess! Any ideas? Thanks


by pennyhal2 12 Apr 2015

I've had this problem too and it's a tension problem on my machine. I tighten the top tension slightly.

by Sewmum1 12 Apr 2015

Do you have a photo of what your machine is doing?
Is there too much fabric under the foot or Is there a burr or scratch under the foot perhaps?
I had problems recently with the foot getting caught on jump stitches when making an ith project. The problem that time was the fabric layers were too thick

I hope you can get it sorted soon

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rsloan by rsloan 12 Apr 2015

I'll try to get a photo. This happens sometimes when I am doing fonts, but most recently I was trying fringe flowers and at two points in the circle of satin stitches the thread would get caught on the left side of the pressure foot when I was on the left side of the circle and then on the right side when I was embroidering the right side. It only happened at those two points on the circle. My Pfaff has a "u" shaped embroidery foot if that helps. I appreciate your help.

by jrob Moderator 12 Apr 2015

The only time that happens to me is if I miss the hook on the shank that holds the pressure foot.

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rsloan by rsloan 12 Apr 2015

That's a thought, i'll check that.