by arlene 08 Apr 2015

could someone tell me where I can find free software to see what pes embroidery files look like so I know which design is which before I send to my machine. thanks


by pennyhal2 10 Apr 2015

I'm not sure I am understanding your question correctly. Are you trying to change the format of a design to the pes format? In that case, you do need software on your computer to do that if your machine can't change format for you.

Or do you need to see the design on your computer's monitor first? You would still need software on your computer to do that too. If you can see the design on your computer, but your machine doesn't have a window that shows the design, you'll have ato settle to just seeing it on the monitor.

There are a lot of programs that have "Iconizers" on them that lets you see little pictures on your monitor. You really need to first check to see if your sewing machine has free software that lets you do it. If not, check out the different programs suggested to see which one meets your needs and pocketbook. I use Embird and its iconizer program.

by cfidl 09 Apr 2015

Sounds like you may have a Brother machine and that software is free and called PED Basic. It is available on the brother-usa website.

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by mrskiki edited 09 Apr 2015

Personally, I love Thumbnailer from Embrilliance Embroidery. Works great and reasonably priced. Hugs. Nan W

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by ctirish edited 08 Apr 2015

I use Designers Gallery Studio which I love. It isn't free but its worth every penny. It keeps track of where your designs are even if if there on thumb drives or external drives like the small Passport drive. You can change formats easily. It will manage thousands of designs and you can change the size of the view from many to several to one design on your screen. You can print templates of what the design will look like with center cross. It lets you set up categories and then you can put one design to multiple categories. I'll use one of my categories for an example. I have a floral corner or border design that has daffodils in it. I can add it to borders-corners, flowers, daffodils, and spring. Then when you choose spring and it brings all of the designs you put in that category, the same with daffodils, borders-corners and flowers. You can add and delete categories as you need them. It also comes with Colorworks which lets you change colors to your thread set, add color stops so you can add colors or delete parts of a design you don't want. It also helps you sort colors to eliminate thread changes if possible. You can also add other components like Hoop Works which lets me split large designs to use in your size hoops. They have editing software but I like Dakota Alphasizer better. If anyone ever needs help with this software, tell them to send me a PM, jane

by tfk 08 Apr 2015

I too have wilcom truesizer and myeditor!
Both are good and really enough for editing, resizing and converting from different formats to the format your machine supports ( in your case it is PES)
If you have any further doubts or problem you are welcome to send me a PM :) I will try my best to resolve it! Good luck!

by crafter2243 Moderator 08 Apr 2015

Here is a link in case you do not have it already. You will have to create a account

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by jrob Moderator edited 08 Apr 2015

I am working from my phone so I cannot give you the link but if you will go to Google and look up Wilcom you will find their free software.