by susiesembroidery 07 Apr 2015

Hallo, my dear Cute Embroidery Friends I just want to say thank you so very much for all the wonderful birthday wishes you wished me on my birthday. You have made my day very special. Had the first round of a new Chemotherapy today, as well and your love has surrounded me and gave me courage. I am not able to give any flowers or comment on anything in the postings, since the buttons does not work for me at the moment. Thank you once again.


by airyfairy 08 Apr 2015

Thank you for your post. I am just sorry that you had to have your treatment on your birthday. Wishing you all the very best.

by momac 08 Apr 2015

It was a pleasure to send you a birthday message Susie, hope the Chemo doesn't make you too sick. If you feel sick with it and don't feel like eating, Oats Sew Easy helped my Daughter when she was going through chemo to settle the feeling of being sick. Hugs from your Cutie friend in Durban, Maureen

by pennifold 07 Apr 2015

Dear Susie, I'm so glad that you had a very special day. Just think of the new Chemo as giving you a renewed body. Prayers for healing and strength. Love Chris

by cfidl 07 Apr 2015

I missed your birthday! Happy belated. I pray this new medicine is just what you need to complete your healing. God bless and Get Well Soon!

by rachap 07 Apr 2015

Good luck to you withyour chemo, may it go where it is targeted

by aleene 07 Apr 2015

Have a great day!

by jrob Moderator 07 Apr 2015

Not the greatest of birthday presents(chemotherapy), but I'm glad you received our greetings. I hope your day was special for you in some way.

by haleymax 07 Apr 2015

So glad you are having a good day. Hugs!