by camylow 07 Apr 2015

My grand daughter just lost her very first tooth. I need to make a tooth pillow real fast...does anyone know where a free design is asap. I have one in my hundreds of designs but cannot find it...figures...


by toogie 07 Apr 2015

Look in your old DBC files. There is a cute one I used for my grands. It was just the girl, without wording. Wording was from Sew Forum, I think from LaurieRogers. The pocket back design says Fairy Sample Npe Ltd, if that helps you...You may have something already, but I am just seeing your post,sorry.-Toogie

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by gerryvb edited 07 Apr 2015

perhaps this one? it's free and pretty

by dididwiar 07 Apr 2015

There are some free designs on sew forum. Type tooth fairy into the search. Good Luck

camylow by camylow 07 Apr 2015

thank you...

dididwiar by dididwiar 07 Apr 2015

I also just found a free one at sew terific designs. type in -tooth fairy pillow into the search and there is a free monster tooth fairy pillow on Craftsy (it's cute) type in - in the hoop tooth fairy pillow. xx