by pat111otter 30 Mar 2015

I gave this one to my cousin who wanted it for his wife, but he insisted on giving me something for it because he knew how much work went into it. So I am now the proud owner of one of those mini irons, the sort you can use inside the hoop!


by connerj 31 Mar 2015

Very nice :)

by Patricia109 31 Mar 2015

Adorable and worth ten mini irons..

by cfidl 30 Mar 2015

Excellent piece! The colors are perfect!

by katydid 30 Mar 2015


by pldc 30 Mar 2015

well done, it is so nice to be appreciated ~hugs~

by dragonflyer 30 Mar 2015

Nicely done...and so glad you now have the mini iron, too!

by lidiad 30 Mar 2015

That's beautiful, love it!
Hugs, Lidia

by Leaha 30 Mar 2015

Pretty colors, kitty is so proud of her 'theft'. The iron is a wonderful addition to you sewing/embroidery items. Hope you like it. Great job

by gerryb 30 Mar 2015

That is adorable! Enjoy your iron, too!

by noah 30 Mar 2015

excellent trade great job hugs

by lbrow 30 Mar 2015

Pat, you did such a nice job on this and a mini iron is nice to have/Lillian

by christracey 30 Mar 2015

Well done it looks lovely & such a nice design.

by graceandham 30 Mar 2015

Beautiful stitchout and you will love the little iron.

by shirley124 30 Mar 2015

Lovely design. Pleased it was so well received that you got that great little iron, I have one, you will love it. Hugs

by asterixsew Moderator 30 Mar 2015

Pat this is lovely and how nice to get a mini iron in exchange for making it. Its good to be appreciated

by highlandermom 30 Mar 2015

Cute little kitty. I got one of those irons and love it.

by tlp22 30 Mar 2015

So sweet.Lucky little kitty. Looks perfect.

by pennifold 30 Mar 2015

It is beautiful Pat, well done. Great news about that little iron too. Love Chris

pennifold by pennifold 30 Mar 2015

I sent you a PM last night, did you read it? Love Chris

pat111otter by pat111otter 30 Mar 2015

Thanks Chris, yes I read your PM, and answered it, but I don't know where my answer went though, seems Jerrilyn got it, and said she didn't mind being Chris for today!
Got it sorted though, must remember not to do that again!!

by rachap 30 Mar 2015

A very nice design and your work is nice, too. What a great gesture by your cousin, giving you something you wanted and will really use. I'll bet he is one person you will always be happy to create for. If his wife is a "cat person" she will love this darling design.

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pat111otter by pat111otter 30 Mar 2015

Many thanks, yes, I get on well with my cousin, we keep in touch because there's not many of us left now, and he has quite a few health issues. His wife, who is also a cousin of mine, was over the moon with it, they did have a cat but sadly it died.