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by aldoom ( edited 19 Mar 2015 ) 19 Mar 2015

Does anyone remember a Free Ware Viewer? You could see all formats or most, and one per page or a page full. I had it on my old computer, but it's gone now. Does anyone have it. I have other software for pes only, and Wilcom and use it to reformat . I just like that viewer to file designs. I collect designs, way too many ! lol thank you for your help


by Patricia109 29 Mar 2015

I use the desktop version. See if that is the one you are after.
There is a Bernina one too. But I couldn't locate the link.
And there is also one on Amazing designs.
Just google "free embroidery software" and a heap come up.

by jofrog2000 29 Mar 2015

Hi, check out SewIconz-free7daydemo-not much to buy, will show files as pictures. I love it, and would not do without it. Shows everything in a folder of unzipped files, and files in a zipped one (if not in a folder within that).

by aldoom 29 Mar 2015

thank all of you for helping me

by sandyqueen 19 Mar 2015

Which version of windows are you using? I just searched on Google and this what was said. Windows 8/7/XP doesn't need windows process viewer.exe. .

My windows allows me about 8 ways to view files. 4 shows pictures in various sizes.


aldoom by aldoom 20 Mar 2015

Windows 8 and I would need a guide. A very simple one, lol

aldoom by aldoom 20 Mar 2015

Windows 8 and it would have to be simple lol What do I do?

by danababes 19 Mar 2015

Could it have been TES viewer or PESView? These programs are very old and perhaps one of them is the one you're looking for .

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aldoom by aldoom 20 Mar 2015

I looked at these and it wasn't either of them. I will check these out. thank you

by Zinobia 19 Mar 2015

Is it a viewer.executive file? I just downloaded from some site few months back. It shows all embroidery files of a folder. If it is allowed I can email you else will let you know the website in few days.

Zinobia by Zinobia 19 Mar 2015

I mean viewer.
exe file

aldoom by aldoom 20 Mar 2015

Thank you, I will check it out. I appreciate your help. Sorry to have you looking through your files. But maybe it's the one, It was so simple. I clicked one number of files it would show, then click on file and that was it.

Zinobia by Zinobia edited 21 Mar 2015

I don't remember from where I had downloaded but my Google search led to this

Please check n download. I hope it is the one you are looking for.

aldoom by aldoom 29 Mar 2015

This is the one, and my computer won't let me download or run it. Thank you so much. I don't know enough about the updates and downloads to do this.

by awesome1 19 Mar 2015

Never heard of it...could you mean "shareware" which is free? free viewer
Or you can "browse " and see entire folders in My Editor

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aldoom by aldoom 19 Mar 2015

I don't know for sure, just that I could view pages of designs in different formats. Thank you for your reply, and I will check these out. Again thank you.