by Patricia109 12 Mar 2015

Rearranged my sewing room last weekend as it has been a mess of no room and no access to my things since we moved last August. I have done very little embroidery or sewing as a result.

I added a piece of wood to the top of my Horn cabinet so that my cats wouldn't fall in it when they were prowling around. Cleared it off last night and this morning I found my cat, Madam. She loves to watch me embroider or sew.
She was sleeping on top of a small (2 litre) recycled ice cream container that is full of sewing bits covered by an old t-shirt.
It is not that there weren't any free spaces for her. : -)


by sbott54 29 Mar 2015

Oh my, I'm in the same predicament. We moved in stages and while I was having three surgeries in six months, my aunt packed my sewing room for me. Now I am unpacking my treasures! Keep us posted on your progress. It will encourage the rest of us to keep at it. My cat also loves my sewing room the best. I have to keep a child's gate at the door to prevent her sneaking up on me while sewing.

Patricia109 by Patricia109 29 Mar 2015

I haven't had any surgeries. A girlfriend helped me pack and I escaped in there and unpacked it when life in the rest of the house was too unbearable. But I do work fulltime.
The rest of the house is unpacked.
It looks messy in the photo, but the yellow and white tShirts are actually there to keep the items underneath clear of cat hair. Easier to wash an old tShirt than my fabric stash. And with two indoor cats, they sure seem to shed a lot!! I think the blue is a carry bag.
The stuff on top of the overlocker bag is a couple of projects that are half done that I didn't want to lose in the reshuffle.

sbott54 by sbott54 29 Mar 2015

I sure didn't mean any criticism. Life is so full for all of us! I don't know how you work full time and manage a household. We have our passion of sewing and all to give us joy and share with others. I'm overjoyed by all the love and sharing here at Cute. Love you sister of the heart, Sandra

by susiesembroidery 13 Mar 2015

It looks like mine at present. I am still trying to sort out my mess. Good luck.

by sdrise 13 Mar 2015

Your room is going to be so organized and wonderful!!

by pacmp 12 Mar 2015

Looks like the threads and Miss Madam are ready and waiting for the sewing to commence. Hope they both don't have too much longer to wait as I know that in my life, sewing seems to do my spirit well and when I can not sew or hand stitch, then all other things in my life all seem to be out of sorts. Good Luck in your new location.

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Patricia109 by Patricia109 29 Mar 2015

Madam loves to watch me stitch. I have had to stop sewing a few times when she does a walk through. She knows about the embroidery machine, but she doesn't seem to understand that the sewing machine pushes a lot of fabric to the back as I sew and she cannot walk there.

by cj2sew 12 Mar 2015

I think it is impossible for anyone to fully understand a cat.
But he does look content.

by killiecrankie 12 Mar 2015

Maybe , Madam wanted some Sara Lee ice cream ?

by 02kar Moderator 12 Mar 2015

She looks very happy with her new found spot. I do hope you manage to get stitching soon. Every time we moved, my sewing room was the last place to get unpacked and organized.

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Patricia109 by Patricia109 29 Mar 2015

Same for me.

by graceandham 12 Mar 2015

Apparently you arranged the room to suit her tastes and she has found her special spot.

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Patricia109 by Patricia109 29 Mar 2015

Yes, the room is arranged to accommodate her & Duchess. But their space is to the left of her (our right) or just behind her on the white topped set of drawers. But she just has to walk on the Horn cabinet.

by pennifold 12 Mar 2015

Great to see you getting a start! Isn't it wonderful that cats like to sit in boxes doesn't matter how big or small? I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THE HEMINGWORTH THREADS. I think they are the best in the world! Love Chris.

P.S. Do you live in Australia Patricia?

killiecrankie by killiecrankie 12 Mar 2015

Gee ,Chris you sure have good eyesight,even enlarging & zooming into the the photo ,I couldn't make out the brand name.

Patricia109 by Patricia109 29 Mar 2015

The Thread box is a new thing from Echidna Club & Hemingworth. Methinks that Chris has one too. The box & threads arrived while we were moving house and it took me a couple of months to get it home from the office, then another month to have it assembled.
Chris, yes & we have exchanged PMs. :-) I am in Sydney and in the Aust Sewing Guild.
My embroidery machine is to the left of the threads.

by jeanfoz 12 Mar 2015

Oh bless her, I am also envious of your threads 😄 Jean xx

by asterixsew Moderator 12 Mar 2015

My cat loves my sewing room and often surprise me from appearing from the back of my embroidery machine. I am very envious of your threads. Good Luck with the unpacking and hope you can get sorted soon and then get back to your machine as it looks like Madam is waiting for you