by rgotter 10 Mar 2015

Sea Horse Pillow that I made today after finding the pattern on Pinterest last night. I did a lot of the hand stitching in the carpool line at my son's school. When he got in the car and seen it - he was immediately claimed it as his. His words "I like sea creatures." Got to love the boy.


by lbrow 11 Mar 2015

You done a very nice job with this. So very realistic and I can tell your son adores it/Lillian

by robinbird 11 Mar 2015

This seahorse you've made looks delightful &seems in the picture your son was quite taken with it too. Thanks for sharing it& for the pattern info too. :~D

by pldc 11 Mar 2015

really cute & you can plainly see that he likes it!~hugs~

by radmom 11 Mar 2015

You did a great job! No wonder your son claimed it!

by joansatx 11 Mar 2015

Great! So glad you showed us.

by noah 11 Mar 2015

Everything is cute for sure hugs

by connerj 11 Mar 2015

The seahorse has found a happy boy! This makes all the hard work worth it. :)

by dragonflyer 11 Mar 2015

Nicely can tell your son loves it!

by lidiad 11 Mar 2015

That's gorgeous and you made your son happy!
Hugs, Lidia

by sonjapotgieter 11 Mar 2015

Gorgeous!!!Well done

by airyfairy 11 Mar 2015

Beautiful seahorse - no wonder your son loves it so much.

by greytgirl 11 Mar 2015

You can see by the look on your son's face that he truly loves the seahorse pillow you made for him. Great job!

by ethan 11 Mar 2015

Lovely, well done. What fabric did you use. G

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rgotter by rgotter 14 Mar 2015

It was a type of wool, I think. It was in a bag of material I had bought at a thrift store.

by anitapatch 11 Mar 2015

Lovely done

by powagrl 11 Mar 2015

You did an awesome job on this seahorse pillow & your son looks so pleased with it. Here is the link to the pattern & tutorial in case someone else wants to make one.

radmom by radmom 11 Mar 2015

Thank you! I was wondering about how to find the pattern!

rgotter by rgotter 14 Mar 2015

I'm so sorry! I didn't even think about attaching the link!! Glad someone else was on top of things for me. :-)

by tlp22 10 Mar 2015

So cute! You di a great job creating this little creature.

by decojo 10 Mar 2015

Beautiful seahorse pillow!

by pennifold 10 Mar 2015

Beautifully made and sewn out. So glad he loves it. Love Chris