by KCowden 09 Mar 2015

Here goes....I know I am probably requesting this in the wrong place and I know this has been presented here on cuties before, but I have spent all morning looking for it without finding. What is an inexpensive or free software program that will line/space letters? Having problems with sewing each individual letter then spacing the next. Any help is appreciated!!!


by jerrib 09 Mar 2015

Take a look at SewWhat Pro. You can try it free for 30 days and I am sure you will love it. Its only $65. It does everything I want or need it to do.
It is very user friendly and the support and upgrades are unbelievable.

katydid by katydid 09 Mar 2015

Wow , you are smart as I did not have a clue! Kay

KCowden by KCowden 10 Mar 2015

Thank you, Jerrib!!! That is just what I was looking for but couldn't remember.

by haleymax 09 Mar 2015

Thank you for asking this question. I haven't completed any applique towels yet, but they are on my list.

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by spendlove Moderator edited 09 Mar 2015

Embroidery fonts plus is free. You use it like a word processor.

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KCowden by KCowden 10 Mar 2015

Thank you so much, spendlove! I will try it out first, since it is free...thanks again!

by noah 09 Mar 2015

I bought sew what pro for $65. bucks it does all you will need???hugs Carolyn

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KCowden by KCowden 10 Mar 2015

Thank you, Carolyn! This is the one that I was thinking about, but couldn't remember the name! Can't remember a lot of things these least that is what my husband keeps telling me...LOL!!!