by Janus48 06 Mar 2015

Three days ago I ordered some embroidery designs from in Australia. I got 3 out of 4 sets and have tried to contact them with no answer back. Has anyone else dealt with this company?? I like the designs but I'm not impressed with customer service.



by Janus48 11 Mar 2015

I finally found her site on ebay and contacted her that way...but it took several "back and forths" to tell her that I bought off her site..and not ebay. And yesterday she sent me that last set AND gave me a free set for my troubles. I did look at her other designs and as "marianb" stated she does have those Disney designs but I didn't buy those. So everything worked out ok but it did take a week and quite a few emails to straighten things out. And I did pay through Paypal which is good.
Thank you all for your concern. Jan

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mranderson by mranderson 11 Mar 2015

Good for you Jan. Happy stitching.

by babash 10 Mar 2015

Did you ever get your designs?

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mranderson by mranderson 10 Mar 2015

Let us know how you got on. Hugs Marg

by marianb 08 Mar 2015

Took a look as never heard of this site, interesting they have the same baby Disney designs that were on Pamela's site. Please be careful of what you order..

by babash 07 Mar 2015

Just had a thought I think Sydney has a big craft show on this weekend maybe that is where they are.

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marianb by marianb 08 Mar 2015

No they weren't there as stall holders maybe as visitors like me (ohh my aching legs) lol

by mranderson 07 Mar 2015

I just did a Google search for embroiderquilt and it seems they have an Etsy shop and are selling on Ebay and also have their own site. Try some of these to get to them. Good luck. Hugs Marg

by dragonflyer 07 Mar 2015

Sorry to hear this...did you use PayPal or a credit card? If so, if you don't hear from them, I would contact PayPal or your credit card company if that is what you used....

by Janus48 07 Mar 2015

Day communication back from this company. EmbroiderQuilt
Wyoming NSW 2250 Australia
Actually, I emailed them for info before I ordered and I should have known better....they didn't respond then, but I placed a small order anyway. If they went on vacation they should have left a notice at least. Very poor customer service.

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killiecrankie by killiecrankie 10 Mar 2015

The address is real ,Wyoming is just north of Gosford. It is in a area known as the Central Coast where I live & I have never heard of them but that doesn't mean anything.

by babash 06 Mar 2015

I would just keep on Emailing them until you get a response. Quote your order number each time. Depending where in the world you are remember the time difference. It would be 2.15pm in NSW at this time on Saturday 7th.
Hope you get your missing designs