by wider57 01 Feb 2015

Well, it was way past time to get my sewing area cleaned up and organized. The first pic is my stash before and the 3rd pic is my stash 1/2 way done. I need more boards, but our dollar is doing so poorly I can't order any more in, so I'm going to see if there is a local company that can cut some for me cheaper. I prefer the Polar Notions boards as they are much thinner than the Fabric Organizer boards, so I can get many more on the shelf.

I also bought a stabilizer organizer that clips over the door and got those cleaned up out of the box. Mocha had to check it out and make sure What do you think so far?


by crafter2243 Moderator 03 Apr 2015

Thank you for posting this. After reading all the posts I decided to give the Comic Book support a try since I found the ones from Polar Notions a bit too expensive. I ordered them from Amazon a 100 for $ 10.00 and they work really well. I start and end by tacking the material down with painters tape. Now I am having fun organizing my stash :-)

by sdrise 30 Mar 2015

Nice job. Doesn't it feel great to have everything organized? So much easier to work... Suzannne

by lbrow 30 Mar 2015

I love it! You have done an amazing job here. One question> Will it look like this 6 months down the road? I clean and organize " till everything looks good and 6 months later I'm back to where I was in the beginning./Lillian

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grossfamilie by grossfamilie 03 Apr 2015

Unfortunately I fully agree....had my kitchen done all new last summer - and now? Have to clean everything and re-organize the stuff - same in my sewing room and everywhere. That's why I hate this special spring sun - you see every single bit of dust :-( But, of course, we carry on ....... Happy Easter - Maria

by airyfairy 30 Mar 2015

Everything looks so neat and I think your kitty approves. Love your stabilizer holder. I have never seen anything like that here in S. Africa.

by abuch 29 Mar 2015

hi, I just ask at walmart or joanne's or most other stores that deal with fabric or lace. my stores love to recycle ,saves them time and money. and I come so often the ladies know me and just call when a box is full. have fun in that sewing room!

by RockyB 19 Feb 2015

You inspire me! Looks great! I have used the foam boards from the dollar store and they seem to work well too.

by nualaa 18 Feb 2015

If you live near a store that caters to magazine Comic book collectors. They sell a white card for putting in a bag to support the comic. The sell for about $10 for 50 cards in British Columbia. My friend got me a packet from a store in White Rock.

by patt1 03 Feb 2015

BRAVO!! Good for you. I am much impressed and envious... I see your furry "supervisor" approves also! haha Could you use heavy cardboard slices to wrap your fabrics around instead of investing in more woods? I get the cardboard boxes here from a store (sometimes the liguor store) and cut them to fit...just a suggestion. Happy stitching. Pat

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wider57 by wider57 04 Feb 2015

The corrugated cardboard would work as well, but it is much thicker and so you get fewer bolts per shelf. I have so much fabric I need thinner centers. I found a local plastics company that can cut the sizes I want, so I have several on order.

by gerryvb 03 Feb 2015

wow, this looks so organized, great job and compliments to you :)

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wider57 by wider57 04 Feb 2015

Thanks! It is taking a bit of effort, but is well worth the time to see what I've been hiding.

by workbecky 03 Feb 2015

I love the organization of your fabrics. Most of my stash is yardage and I don't know how these fabric cards would work with 3, 4, or 5 yards wrapped around them. My husband also built me a thread holder. It too is too small and he is thinking of adding to it. Becky

jerrib by jerrib 03 Feb 2015

It says on Polar Notions that you can wrap up to 15 yds, I believe on one of these boards.

wider57 by wider57 04 Feb 2015

I used the heavier ones from The Fabric Organizer (which are made from corrugated plastic) and it easily handles 10 yards without collapsing. Nice thread stand - it looks like it holds more than mine, but they sure fill up fast :-)

by sdrise 03 Feb 2015

Great JoB!! and I see hyou had a helper too! Suzanne

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wider57 by wider57 04 Feb 2015

My helper is great - she sits on each piece of fabric as I try to fold it to test it out and see if it meets with her 'seat of approval' :-)

by airyfairy 03 Feb 2015

Looking good. Love the door hanger for stabilizer.

1 comment
wider57 by wider57 04 Feb 2015

Thanks - I love the door hanger for the stabilizer - I can see everything at a glance and can put my hands on what I need in an instant.

by jerrib 03 Feb 2015

I just watch the You-tube video from Polar Notions and there was a comment about using Comic book Boards. You get 100 for $10.00. I Googled...Comic book Boards and saw them on Amazon but $14.95. I don't know how much the Polar boards are, but this might be of interest to some of you. I think you could you use large paper clips or bull dog clips (the ones that fold down) to secure the fabric end.
This is the comment I read....

started out with Polar Notions. They are nice, but pricey. After that I went with comic book boards. The are acid free and you can get 100 for $10. Overall I have to say I really prefer the comic book boards. They hold the fabric nicely and the big plus - they aren't as thick so you don't lose shelf space. It adds up when you start thinking about it. I thought about buying some of the other ideas mentioned but I just really didn't want to spend the time cutting them to size. This just works for me.

marianb by marianb 03 Feb 2015

thanks for searching Jerri

jerrib by jerrib 03 Feb 2015

Your welcome.

wider57 by wider57 04 Feb 2015

I saw that article too. I snuck one of the cardboards out of hubby's comic collection to try it out, but it was a bit thin. Some of the people said they used 3 or 4 cardboards to make it sturdy enough.

by maggiejwl 03 Feb 2015

This is great! How soon can you come to my house??? :)

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wider57 by wider57 04 Feb 2015

In about 6 - 8 months :-)

by graceandham 02 Feb 2015

This looks wonderful. However, I think the box for your assistant could be cozier. Also, is he is the most easily accessible spot for petting and attention? Closer to machine? The stabilizer organizer is wonderful.

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wider57 by wider57 04 Feb 2015

Mocha loves boxes and we have several of different sizes all over the house for her. She has her pet bed on my cutting table - which is closer to the machine and likes to stand on my shoulders while I'm busy :-)

by devon 02 Feb 2015

Love what you have done so far!!! Love the last photo!!!!!!!!!!!

1 comment
wider57 by wider57 04 Feb 2015

Thanks - Mocha is always willing to give her opinion on what I am working on :-)

by brendalea 02 Feb 2015

Love the sewing room. Thank you for sharing, Happy Stitching!!

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wider57 by wider57 04 Feb 2015


by pldc 02 Feb 2015

wow looking good & I am loving the stabilizer holder but alas my door is already full LOL, Well done. We have poster board that you can buy @ the Dollar stores & cut to size so that might be something to think about as well~hugs~

1 comment
wider57 by wider57 04 Feb 2015

The poster board is a bit thin and doesn't hold up well if you have larger pieces of fabric, but thanks for the idea. I tried using corrugated plastic (Plaskolite) from Home Depot, but it is a bit thick, so I keep that for my large pieces (3 meters/yards or more).

by ansienaude 02 Feb 2015

well done you made me think about my own stash of material and i need to get organise you make me jelous enjoy it

1 comment
wider57 by wider57 04 Feb 2015

Thanks - I've tried keeping my stash nicely folded and organized, but it only lasts until I need to find fabric for a project :-)

by zoefzoef 02 Feb 2015

Way to go ! ..I see you even got your cat "organized" Lol ? Or is he sooo impresed that everything is so nice cleaned up...

1 comment
wider57 by wider57 04 Feb 2015

Thanks - she gets her nose into everything I do :-)

by kalamazoo 02 Feb 2015

Thanks for posting. I shut my computer down & got to work organizing my own "stash". The kitty is a wonderful touch.

pacmp by pacmp 02 Feb 2015

Hope you are able to make such great progress as her and Mocha have made!

kalamazoo by kalamazoo 02 Feb 2015

I got over half refolded & regrouped!

wider57 by wider57 04 Feb 2015

Great job kalamazoo! Getting organized is a tough job, but keeping it organized is even harder :-)

by marianb 02 Feb 2015

Great work you and Mocha have been doing, your stash looks good displayed like that.. don't forget not to wear your self out, it takes as long as it takes. marian

1 comment
wider57 by wider57 04 Feb 2015

Thanks. Once I get on to a job I like to 'get 'er done' because I can easily become distracted and never finish :-)

by Leaha 01 Feb 2015

Wonderful idea and job! If it meets kitty approval that's all that counts!

1 comment
wider57 by wider57 04 Feb 2015

Thanks - she loves when I work in my fabric because she gets to supervise and give her 'seat of approval'

by blueeyedblonde 01 Feb 2015

You're doing a great job! Love the stabilizer organizer!

1 comment
wider57 by wider57 04 Feb 2015


by cfidl 01 Feb 2015

Excellent over the door holder! Your stash looks great! The noards really do a great job!

1 comment
wider57 by wider57 04 Feb 2015

Thanks. The boards are amazing and I have found a local plastics company that will cut them to whatever size I want.

by hightechgrammy 01 Feb 2015

Such an incredible kitty!

1 comment
wider57 by wider57 01 Feb 2015

Thanks! She's my shadow - where I go, she goes. She is such a big help :-)

by mranderson 01 Feb 2015

Well I have been thinking of trying to do a patchwork quilt square for a challenge BUT after seeing this fabric stash ......I am not sure if I should start. All I need is another addiction!!!!!. Back to just dreaming...... Hugs Marg

1 comment
wider57 by wider57 01 Feb 2015

Thanks! I do have quite a stash, and truthfully, that's not the entire amount. I have a few storage bins (out of sight of the camera) that are full too.

by mariagiannina 01 Feb 2015

Wow! I just love your newly organized sewing room. The stabiliser organizer is fantastic - did you make it or buy it? I need one!

1 comment
wider57 by wider57 01 Feb 2015

Thanks! The room is coming along, but I still have about 100 pieces of fabric to get organized. I bought the stabilizer organizer from Nancy's notions and it is well worth it.

by kazza 01 Feb 2015

Very nice, great job, this makes it easy when you want to make something! You can see everything.

1 comment
wider57 by wider57 01 Feb 2015

I love being able to see what I have. That's what got me started on making pillow cases again. I could finally see what I have and match fabrics.

by decojo 01 Feb 2015

Your sewing room is looking great. Love the stabilizer holder.

1 comment
wider57 by wider57 01 Feb 2015

Thanks. I bought the stabilizer organizer from Nancy's notions and it is well worth it.

by designgirl 01 Feb 2015

What a great storage area. Mocha just wants to check everything over.

1 comment
wider57 by wider57 01 Feb 2015

Thanks. Mocha is always checking things over. When I go downstairs to work, she races past me and jumps up on the cutting table where her bed is and then proceeds to supervise from behind closed eyelids.

by asterixsew Moderator 01 Feb 2015

Congratulations on getting your sewing room sorted you are doing a great job. Love the furry assistant, they are such a help.

1 comment
wider57 by wider57 01 Feb 2015

Thanks. Yes, Mocha is a real help - making sure all my fabrics match and are suitable to sit upon :-)

by pacmp 01 Feb 2015

You are doing so awesome!! This is a great project to be doing to keep yourself busy and keep your mind a bit distracted from the chemo treatments starting next week for your dear husband. You have accomplished a great deal and hopefully it wont be long until you are able to finish up the project. You are going to love sewing in the area when you have it all organized to your liking. Hopefully another Cutie may know of a cheaper alternative that is also thin like the boards you have been using. I will be checking back to see if anyone posts a similar board.

I also love all your threads. About half of my threads are the large cones so I need a drawer system for my threads, which is now on my husbands honey do list as he has completed our kitchen cabinets and hopefully won't be too long until a roll around thread cabinet will be helping my sewing area to be more organized so it can be more like what your area is looking like it is becoming.

1 comment
wider57 by wider57 01 Feb 2015

Thanks for the encouragement - I still have a long way to go and it will probably take me several months, but I'll get there. My sewing area is my sanctuary but I know I won't have much time there for the next 6 months or so.

Hubby made the thread holder on the left of the door for me a couple of years ago. I love it, but it wasn't big enough and he didn't have the strength to make me another, so I had to buy some plastic ones.

by grossfamilie 01 Feb 2015

Wow, what a difference a day (?) makes... Seems I'm the first one to say you are doing great. It really looks good and so well organized. You
certainly now have this fantastic feeling of inner satisfaction after all the work and how pretty and neat it's become. Also I love the organizer for
the stabilizer. Haven't seen such a thing before...
But I love the furry "thing" in picture 5. Have also one who likes to hide in boxes but mine is black and white - Have a great week - Maria

designgirl by designgirl 01 Feb 2015

Cute cat

wider57 by wider57 01 Feb 2015

Thanks - the arranging has taken me about a week so far and with hubby's chemo coming up, it will take me several months to finish, but I'll get there.

I bought the stabilizer organizer from Nancy's notions and it is well worth it.

Love your kitty - he looks like my MIL's previous cat. They are such company and so love to 'help' :-)

devon by devon 02 Feb 2015

Great photo!!

grossfamilie by grossfamilie 03 Apr 2015

Thank you - it was possible to do because he likes to go into small boxes - otherwise he is either on the "run" or hiding his face while sleeping like a roll - Hugs Maria