by edithfarminer 30 Jan 2015

UK cuties, what day is the sewing bee on please and what channel. Like to try and watch. Thanks


by airyfairy 01 Feb 2015

I do hope we will have another series here in S. Africa, although I found the first one a bit slow. Do like Claudia Winkleman though.

by spendlove Moderator 30 Jan 2015

Thursday, BBC2, 8pm - I'll watch it with you!

edithfarminer by edithfarminer 30 Jan 2015

Thanks Sue, thought Thursdays so been looking for it. Now to remember on Tuesday lol.

mops by mops edited 31 Jan 2015

Starting next week, I am looking forward to it. Here they started last Thursday, half an hour urlier, with a Dutch variation on the theme, called "Through the needle's eye". Biggest difference they use couples. To my surprise I recognised my local sewing machine dealer who teams up with her sister.
Too bad I'll have to miss half an hour of one of the two programmes.

spendlove by spendlove 01 Feb 2015

That sounds interesting - perhaps we could enter together!