by melnic 22 Jan 2015

Any idea as to when membership specials will come up for Cute & Amazing Embroidery? Slipped last time and now it's quite expensive to join again .....


by aussiequilter 22 Jan 2015

or maybe Easter

by 02kar Moderator 22 Jan 2015

I'm sorry you missed the last one. I think the next one will be around Mother's Day so you have a bit of a wait. The good thing is that you will have plenty of designs to DL then.

melnic by melnic 22 Jan 2015

Thanks, that means another 4 plus months. Wondering if I'll make it till then.. hehe

graceandham by graceandham 22 Jan 2015

Review your stash!

by graceandham 22 Jan 2015

Spring and Fall and near Christmas?