by nama2 21 Jan 2015

Just wondering if anyone knows the answer to this question. I want to buy a tiny hoop for my machine, I have the esante, there is a hoop on Amazon for $20 verses $50 at my dealers, but the hoop says it's for the esante BLN. Would this fit my machine?


by nama2 22 Jan 2015

thanks for all the help.....

by mrskiki 22 Jan 2015

If you are looking for hoops at a reduced price, try posting on SewItsFor Sale yahoo group. I have bought and sold using this group and have had great success. Alternately, have you looked closely at the pic of the hoop offered on Amazon? I am not familiar with your brand so cannot help there. Hugs. Nan W

by asterixsew Moderator 21 Jan 2015

Have you looked on ebay?

by rescuer Moderator 21 Jan 2015

I purchased some of the hoops online. I ordered a set of 3 hoops. They work. They are not as nice as the ones you get from your dealership, they are made much cheaper. However, as long as you are careful with them they do work.

rescuer by rescuer 21 Jan 2015

I should mention that your machine may or may not be a BLN. Ask your dealer or look in your manual.

nama2 by nama2 22 Jan 2015

haha-have no idea where that manual is, I am an organized mess kinda gal!

suziequee by suziequee 22 Jan 2015

Google your machine and see what happens.

nama2 by nama2 24 Jan 2015

good idea