by pldc 21 Jan 2015

I decided to take the advise of Barbel & get ready for my machine to come home & make this heart block. My plan is to make a wall hanging of some sort for Valentines Day & this is the first stage & now that my machine will be back home today I am thrilled to bits & so ready to embroider something anything at all lol


by sonjapotgieter 22 Jan 2015

Well done...Happy for you!!!!Beautiful

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pldc by pldc 22 Jan 2015

thank you Sonja, ~hugs~

by highlandermom 21 Jan 2015

Great job and glad your machine is back.

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pldc by pldc 22 Jan 2015

Thanks Mary me too, ~hugs~

by Leaha 21 Jan 2015

Yeah...Celebrate! Celebrate! Make that machine hum, celebrate, celebrate, embroidery something! I know don't quit my day job...:P Glad you have your machine back, hope it works great. I doubt hubby will see you for awhile.

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pldc by pldc 22 Jan 2015

it hums lol thanks Leaha I am so glad to have it home again!~hugs~

by noah 21 Jan 2015

great job i just bought a book with 365 paper pieced patterns .Now i need a lesson on how to use my photo copier and make things bigger ?//lol

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pldc by pldc 22 Jan 2015

good stuff & have fun it is pretty addictive. I googled Utube & found quite a few Thanks & hugs~

by 02kar Moderator 21 Jan 2015

I'm so proud of you. You are never hesitant to try something new and you make it succeed. Kudos for this very cute block. I know you will welcome home your machine and can' wit to embroider something. Have fun stitching.

pldc by pldc 21 Jan 2015

thanks Karen it helps your brain to try new things if I fail then @least I gave it a try so why not try. ~hugs~

noah by noah 21 Jan 2015

Good attitude Lor,i read somewhere that is it better to have Loved and Lost then to never have Loved at all???//hugs

by basketkase 21 Jan 2015

Congrats on getting your machine back and you will be starting with a terrific project.......

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pldc by pldc 21 Jan 2015

thanks Vicki I am thinking about hearts & home or something like that?

by elemausi 21 Jan 2015

You must be happy to get your machine back, this is a nice block and now we are looking what you will do next.

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pldc by pldc 21 Jan 2015

I am very happy & thank you for encouraging me to make something to start with. ~hugs~

by loosie 21 Jan 2015

This is a great block, I have yet to try paper piecing.
What paper are you using?

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pldc by pldc 21 Jan 2015

Papers for that foundation Piecing from that Patchwork Place it works really well so far? Thanks Loosie, it is pretty easy if you mark the colours on your paper first so you know which is which. ~hugs~

by cj2sew 21 Jan 2015

One thing you can tell is that a sewing or embroidery machine is not foreign to you. You always do such great work

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pldc by pldc 21 Jan 2015

ah that is such a lovely thing to say, thank you so very much. ~hugs~

by pennifold 21 Jan 2015

Well, there's nothing like being prepared and this is a good start! Love Chris

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pldc by pldc 21 Jan 2015

Thanks Chris puts me on a bit of a roll when I have an idea for something. ~hugs~