by suziequee 15 Jan 2015

Been looking around at used machines. Sticker shock has set in. Figure at the rate I'm able to put money aside for this I should have enough in another 10 years. Unless I rob a bank or find a treasure ship or gold mine. All of which is not likely to happen. But I am enjoying the pics everyone else is posting. Keep them coming. I have a new file where I'm keeping pics of everyone's sewing so I will have ideas when and if I can do anything. And sure getting some nice designs.


by anangel 15 Jan 2015

Suzie, check out for new, used, and gently loved machines of several brands. Located in Alabama and have been in business many years with a great customer service reputation. I bought a refurbished sewing machine from them years ago very inexpensively, and it looked new, still stitching great! All their machines have a warranty, even the refurbished/used. They check them out completely, before selling them. I bought my Brother embroidery machine many years ago from It was called refurbished, but believe it was still in original box. Sometimes, a dealer may get some back in from an original order sold, such as to a school home ec. dept., that have never been used, but, can't be resold as new. I got it about half the cost of a new one, and it still stitches great, has never been to a repair shop. It is the old Brother PC8500D, so I give high dibs to the Brother brand!!
Good luck, and keep looking for a good deal! They are out there!!
Hugs, Angel

arlene by arlene 15 Jan 2015

I agree. I do all my business with Ken.

arlene by arlene 15 Jan 2015

Forgot to mention he also has layaway which i love.

suziequee by suziequee 16 Jan 2015

Will look. Thanks

by suziequee 15 Jan 2015

I've also put up notes in laundromats and any other board I can find. Trying hard, but it's so frustrating.

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asterixsew by asterixsew 15 Jan 2015

Buying privately can be cheaper BUT if anything I wrong you have little come back. My dealer has a collection of machines bought from people selling who describe their machine as lightly used. When they arrive and the new owner starts sewing they have found the machines are at the end of their life. Machines are not cheap so buy from a good dealer.

by graceandham 15 Jan 2015

Watch in the paper and online. The older machines that have only a 4 x 4 hoop should go very inexpensively, although I wouldn't purchase one at this point that is card based and doesn't have a USB port. You want to find someone who didn't enjoy it, rather than someone who has worn out the first one and moved on to something bigger! If you're buying to sell your crafts or sew for small children, 4 x 4 works best. It will seem limiting, but there are a ton of pretty 4 x 4 designs out there - for example, most of Miss Veronica's on this site and Amazing Emb.

There are people out there (obviously not here) who bought one on a whim and then didn't take to it and just want some of their money back for other crafting, like my friend who bought a Brother (with the Disney designs, and then only used it for less than a dozen designs- moved on to machine quilting, bought the long-arm quilter.

by dragonflyer 15 Jan 2015

Keep in touch with your dealer(s)...look for a pre-loved machine from a dealer with a warranty...keep up your will come your way soon...

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suziequee by suziequee 15 Jan 2015

local ones have my number/

by asterixsew Moderator 15 Jan 2015

Trying to be positive I know my dealer sells with x down and then monthly payments, he does this on pre loved machines and Brother often have interest free deals on too. My two embroidery machines were pre loved or used or second hand whatever word you wish to use. Both came from the dealer with a warranty

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asterixsew by asterixsew 15 Jan 2015

Due to new Brother machines coming out there are some excellent offers on the older models

by sdrise 15 Jan 2015

Try to go to a dealer and ask if someone trades their machine in for a new one you can get htem much cheaper. usually half the price when they originally came out Good luck!! Suzanne

by lbrow 15 Jan 2015

Never give up hope. Something good will come your way some of these days/Lillian