by fleabag 04 Dec 2014

This is the quilt that belongs to the quilt label. I just loved the colours. It is actually a log cabin pattern with the centre square tilted at an angle and paper pieced.

This was a real labour or love and now hangs on the side of my bed.... It's the first thing I see in the morning 😄


by hagridsmom 07 Dec 2014

Yes - if you find the directions or the website ot anything helpful - please post it! This is gorgeous!! Your fabrics are lovely and the big version of this picture is now saved in my computer.

by lindamb 05 Dec 2014

This is sew beautiful Would you be so kind to post the instructions, maybe the rest of us will be able to make one - almost as beautiful as yours. Thank you

by asterixsew Moderator 05 Dec 2014

Fiona this is a very beautiful piece of work and one you are now enjoying

by graceandham 05 Dec 2014

Very original, what you did with the design. P.S. I love blue.

by designgirl 05 Dec 2014

Beautiful quilt ,love the colour.

by marfa 05 Dec 2014

How beautiful!

by mysew1325 05 Dec 2014

this quilt is stunning.. and yes it is a labor of love , but beautiful workman ship ..

by loosie 05 Dec 2014

These would be my colors too :)

by NancyBT10 05 Dec 2014

How beautiful! I am sure that you have taken the proper measures to hang this beauty. What a wonderful wall covering to wake up as you begin each day. Your label is honored ;)

by jenne 05 Dec 2014

The log cabin quilt is a real pretty quilt, I done one for my daughter and my class I teach, help me do one for a raffle for our senior center to raise money. I have one pieced for myself but do not have the blocks sewn together. your quilt is lovely.

by gwillmann 05 Dec 2014

This is beautiful.

by sonjapotgieter 05 Dec 2014

Super work..It is Awesome..

by cherylgauteng 05 Dec 2014

Lovely pattern and colours !

by glynnis 05 Dec 2014

This is absolutely stunning!!! Please can you let me know where you got the pattern from. I've done log cabin quilts before, but would love to have a stunning one like this!! God bless

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fleabag by fleabag 05 Dec 2014

It was in a very old quilting magazine. Kaleidescope I think it was called. If I can find it I will pm you with the details 😃

by lbrow 04 Dec 2014

a true work of Art. Fantastically beautiful/Lillian

by crafter2243 Moderator 04 Dec 2014

This is such a beautiful quilt. Love the colors. Truly a work of art

by Leaha 04 Dec 2014

Striking designs. Love the colors.

by highlandermom 04 Dec 2014

A beautiful quilt.

by RockyB 04 Dec 2014

Beautiful quilt!

by toogie 04 Dec 2014

It is beautiful and so nice, to be the first thing to see, upon wakening. Excellent job!

by noah 04 Dec 2014

love it great work hugs

by nonna57 04 Dec 2014


by rachap 04 Dec 2014

Breathtakingly beautiful!!!

by dragonflyer 04 Dec 2014

Beautiful and very interesting take on the log cabin.

by michemb 04 Dec 2014

WOW, this is a masterpiece, just beautiful

by anitapatch 04 Dec 2014

Lovely work and lovely quilting. Thank you for sharing

by baydreamer 04 Dec 2014

I know the amount of work goes into making a quilt . This looks fabulous! Love the blues and aqua reminds me of walking on a white sand beach!

by carolpountney 04 Dec 2014

Love it did you do the quilting

by pennifold 04 Dec 2014

WOW Fifi! that is gorgeous. I have a navy and white quilt on my bed made out of the bear's paw pattern, I love this design, very unusual. the central design reminds me of a smiling fish! Love it, love Chris

by worthy 04 Dec 2014

WOW are there enough words.. That is beautiful... thank you for sharing.

by pldc 04 Dec 2014

It is beautiful! ~hugs~