by cherylgauteng 29 Nov 2014

Thanks Cuties for my Happy Birthday messages ! We had no Internet so could not answer - but I do thank all of you. A group hug - Cheryl in Johannesburg, South Africa.


by cfidl 29 Nov 2014

Good to see you collecting your birthday wishes. Hope you had a wonderful day and have a blessed year ahead.

by jrob Moderator 29 Nov 2014

Aw, I feel all warm and snuggly. Thanks for the hug Cheryl.

by airyfairy 29 Nov 2014

Thank you for this post Cheryl - makes putting up the birthdays worthwhile.

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pacmp by pacmp 29 Nov 2014

Wish I could give you a hug for every birthday message you and others send out for the birthday wishes, as I know there are some who that will be the only birthday wishes they will receive. These messages help to connect us from one end of the atlas to the very ends, linking us together with a shared passion of stitchery.
PLEASE never feel it is an unnecessary task in any way. You did not imply that it was, but I just never, ever, would want you or others to think of the messages as anything but a way to send each person a cyber hug, from each of us. HUGE (((HUGS))) to all those who post or help to post these messages.

by gerryvb 29 Nov 2014

hope you had a wonderful day :)