by sandralochran 24 Nov 2014

Good Morning to all.

You all have been busy making Christmas item Well my machines are packed away as I am heading for a Sea Change I sold my home in Toowoomba and heading to a over 50 retirement resort at Ruby Gardens at Eagleby .It is between Brisbane and the Gold Coast .I leave this Thursday 27th .Hoping to have the machines running within a week !!! Setting up a smaller area for my sewing room is going to be fun!--I am downsizing .Keep sewing and a Merry Christmas to you all --Love Sandra


by cfidl 28 Nov 2014

Best wishes on your move. Merry Christmas to you also!

by Patricia109 26 Nov 2014

Boy, are you going to notice a change! Hot dry summers to hot humid summers. And moving in the hottest November we have had since 1968.
All I can say is good luck and hope you settle in well in the new place.
Smaller sewing area is good - use up that stash!
"She who gets to heaven with the most fabric does not win." :-)
I am working on my stash, then I went out and bought 300 embroidery machine threads - so I can't talk! You will be nice and close to Echidna Club in Capalaba if you use them for embroidery stuff.
Best wishes from Pat in Sydney

by marianb 25 Nov 2014

Have a safe trip, many sewing hours ahead.. downsizing means less to worry about.. Marian/Sydney

by aussiequilter 25 Nov 2014

I have been up in Dalby this week ,we could have caught up ,if I had known.Weare in Burke now and its been sooo hot Sunday was 48 c

by Leaha 24 Nov 2014

Good luck to you and may your journeys be safe and the everything arrive in a timely fashion, in one piece and unbroken.

by jid53 24 Nov 2014

Less to clean more sewing time. Enjoy your new home

by graceandham 24 Nov 2014

Congratulations and blessings in your move. There are new friends waiting for you there.

by greysewist Moderator 24 Nov 2014

Sounds like you'll be moving up to lots more free time to enjoy life. Best of luck with your move and setting up your new efficient sewing area :)

by manami 24 Nov 2014

Dear Sandra, have a safe moving. I'm glad you will be closer to my place. Love Yoriko

by jrob Moderator 24 Nov 2014

Congratulations! I hope your move is happy and safe.

by shirley124 24 Nov 2014

I wish you well with your move. Hope you are up and sewing again soon. Hugs. Shirley from Tassie

by 02kar Moderator 24 Nov 2014

I hope you have a safe move with everything intact. Enjoy setting up your new sewing room. There are lots of ideas for packing a lot of stuff in small spaces. I hope your mew home will be a happy place for you.

by crafter2243 Moderator 24 Nov 2014

Stay save and check back in when you are settled. Good luck with the move.

by asterixsew Moderator 24 Nov 2014

Good Luck with your move

by babash 24 Nov 2014

Hope all goes well with the move and you find time to get your machines up and running soon. There will be so many things to do in your resort you may be too busy to sew.