by olds 05 Nov 2014

Hi-I'm looking to purchase FSL Ind. flower designs. I want

to cluster a few on headbands. I need small 1 inch or so
across. I can't remember if there were any on cute-before
it was closed down. If there are any freebies around that
would be nice. Thanks olds/Maureen


by bevintex 05 Nov 2014

tavernmaker has some nice ones, you can sew these for personal use or for gifts but you are not allowed to sell them, there are also mini butterflies too if you want to add one to your flowers.

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olds by olds 05 Nov 2014

Thanks for this listing. I got the Mini designs. I'll try to stitch
some tomorrow. They look great! Maureen

by jrob Moderator 05 Nov 2014

Maureen, I don't know if you are a paid member or not, but the links below have many FSL flowers for you to choose from. Even if you aren't a member they are only $1.00 each. Hugs!

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olds by olds 05 Nov 2014

Thank you for this listing. I believe that I have most of them.
I am a Cute member for quite a few years now. Love it. Mine
show up in my documents as cuteemberoidery with a number.
I wrote down all the numbers . I think I hit the Jackpot thanks
to you! I do have the lace ladybug I checked. I'll work on
this tomorrow. Thanks again. Maureen- I just spent a week
in Ga on vacation in the Savannah area and the outter
islands. Had a nice time. Went with a group from Mobile Al