by grandmamek 30 Oct 2014

The Berry Eagles are back!! They were both in the nest last evening. I watched for about 20 minutes. Checked again this evening and they were both there. One flew away. I know this will be of special interest to Jerrilyn.

Hugs, Mary


by asterixsew Moderator 02 Nov 2014

I spent time over the summer (and was able to visit too) a osprey nest. It was amazing so now I feel I have a slightly larger knowledge of them. Being able to have cameras at nesting sites is brilliant wherever they are in the world

by Janus48 02 Nov 2014

Thank you for reminding us. Now that my robins and hummingbirds etc. have flown south, I forget that other birds have different nesting habits.
Now in the winter I can still do some great bird watching.

by katydid 01 Nov 2014

Dang , I have not checked then lately and i missed this!!!

by lbrow 01 Nov 2014

How marvelous to be able to see the eagles nesting/Lillian

by hightechgrammy 31 Oct 2014
So glad you told us!

by jrob Moderator 31 Oct 2014

Oh, Thank you, Mary! I had not seen it. I guess it will be tomorrow before I dare to go look. Too much to do today. Hugs!

by sdrise 31 Oct 2014

Thank You!!

by cherylgauteng 30 Oct 2014

I will be watching - still have the link from last year. thanks for the info.

by 02kar Moderator 30 Oct 2014

I love hearing about the eagles. thanks

by cfidl 30 Oct 2014

Yeah! How am I going to get my work done now?

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cfidl by cfidl 30 Oct 2014

One of the eagles is roosting right next to the nest.

by mommajo 30 Oct 2014

I am glad to see them back but boy did I spend so much time watching them. Is there sound this year? I am not sure if i like the second camera it makes me a bit dizzy( but that is probable just me, dizzy lol)